Al Green
Greatest Hits (Dcc Gold Gzs-1125)

Al Green - Greatest Hits (Dcc Gold Gzs-1125)

  • Release date: 1975
  • Duration: 58:54
  • not rated
  • Added December 29, 2012


1. Tired Of Being Alonenot rated2:58
2. Call Me (Come Back Home)not rated3:11
3. I'm Still In Love With Younot rated3:20
4. Here I Am (Come And Take Me)not rated4:20
5. Love And Happinessnot rated5:08
6. Let's Stay Togethernot rated4:56
7. I Can't Get Next To Younot rated3:56
8. You Ought To Be With Menot rated3:25
9. Look What You Done For Menot rated3:12
10. Let's Get Marriednot rated4:32
11. Livin' For Younot rated3:17
12. Sha La La (Make Me Happy)not rated3:06
13. L-O-V-E (Love)not rated3:14
14. Full Of Firenot rated5:20
15. Bellenot rated4:52

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