Melvin Van Peebles
Don't Play Us Cheap

Melvin Van Peebles - Don't Play Us Cheap

  • Release date: 1973
  • Duration: 1:15:03
  • not rated
  • Added December 30, 2012


1. You Cut Up The Clothes In The Closet Of My Dreamsnot rated5:46
2. Break That Party And Openingnot rated2:15
3. The Eight Day Weeknot rated0:46
4. Saturday Nightnot rated1:19
5. The Bowsers Thingnot rated3:59
6. The Book Of Lifenot rated4:24
7. Quittin' Timenot rated7:10
8. Ain't Love Grandnot rated4:18
9. I'm A Bad Characternot rated3:38
10. Know Your Businessnot rated1:47
11. Feast On Menot rated3:25
12. Ain't Love Grandnot rated4:13
13. Break That Partynot rated2:59
14. Somday It Seems That It Just Don't Even Pay To Get Out Of Bednot rated3:30
15. Quartetnot rated5:48
16. The Phoney Gamenot rated1:42
17. It Makes No Differencenot rated2:33
18. Bad Character Bossa Novanot rated3:38
19. Quartetnot rated4:11
20. The Washingtons Thingnot rated5:09
21. (If You See A Devil) Smash Himnot rated2:25

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