Margie Joseph

Margie Joseph - Margie

  • Duration: 50:16
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  • Added December 30, 2012


1. Sign Of The Timesnot rated3:04
2. Believe In Humanitynot rated2:41
3. The Same Love That Me Laughnot rated4:43
4. The Same Love That Made Me Laughnot rated4:43
5. Who Gets Your Lovenot rated3:12
6. Promise Me Your Lovenot rated4:26
7. If You Walked Awaynot rated3:56
8. Stay Stillnot rated5:01
9. After All This Timenot rated3:56
10. AFeaturinger All This Timenot rated3:56
11. Words (Are Impossible)not rated3:39
12. Just As Soon As The Feeling's Overnot rated4:08
13. I Can't Move No Mountainsnot rated2:46

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