Elvis Presley (262 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Elvis Presley'68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition)FLAC11/30/2018not rated5:10:25
Elvis Presley24 Karat Hits!FLAC2012not rated59:49
Elvis Presley2nd To NoneCD2003not rated1:18:36
Elvis Presley30 #1 HitsCD2002not rated1:19:27
Elvis Presley3000 South Paradise RoadMP32012not rated2:15:04
Elvis Presley50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong - Gold Records Volume 2CD1997not rated46:11
Elvis Presley50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong: Elvis' Gold Records volume 2FLAC1959not rated23:09
Elvis Presley80th Anniversary (Special Edition)FLAC2014not rated2:31:26
Elvis PresleyA Boy from Tupelo: The Complete 1953-1955 RecordingsFLAC2017not rated3:16:43
Elvis PresleyA Date With ElvisMP31959not rated32:44
Elvis PresleyA Little Less ConversationCD2002not rated11:23
Elvis PresleyAloha From Hawaii Via SatelliteFLAC1973not rated1:02:17
Elvis PresleyAloha From Hawaii Via SatelliteCD1998not rated1:15:19
Elvis PresleyAmarillo '77MP32011not rated1:17:53
Elvis PresleyAmericaMP32008not rated1:15:18
Elvis PresleyAmerica the BeautifulCD2001not rated9:02
Elvis PresleyAnother Saturday NightMP32012not rated1:17:00
Elvis PresleyAs Recorded At Madison Square GardenCD1972not rated52:43
Elvis PresleyBD Music Presents: Elvis PresleyFLAC2016not rated1:53:59
Elvis PresleyBaby Let`s Play House Spankox Re:versionCD2008not rated10:48
Elvis PresleyBack In MemphisCD1969not rated31:46
Elvis PresleyBack In Memphis (2019 remaster)FLAC1969not rated32:09
Elvis PresleyBack In Memphis (FTD)MP32012not rated2:38:33
Elvis PresleyBack-In Living Stereo: The Essential 1960-62 Masters, Rare Outtakes & Home RecordingsFLAC2019not rated7:16:21
Elvis PresleyBest Of Artist Of The CenturyMP32000not rated1:10:17
Elvis PresleyBirth Of A LegendCD2003not rated55:48
Elvis PresleyBlue HawaiiCD1961not rated32:34
Elvis PresleyBlue HawaiiCD1961not rated49:01
Elvis PresleyBlue Hawaii (Collector's Edition)FLAC1961not rated32:26
Elvis PresleyBlue Hawaii (FTD)MP32009not rated2:37:53
Elvis PresleyBlue Hawaii (The Expanded Alternate Album)FLAC2012not rated1:14:31
Elvis PresleyBrilliant Elvis: The CollectionsFLAC2012not rated6:28:53
Elvis PresleyBurning LoveCD1999not rated51:10
Elvis PresleyBurning LoveCD2002not rated8:39
Elvis PresleyCafé Europa: G.I. Blues vol. 2MP32013not rated2:29:07
Elvis PresleyChicago StadiumMP32010not rated2:05:12
Elvis PresleyChristmas PeaceMP32003not rated1:48:18
Elvis PresleyChristmas With Elvis PresleyCD1992not rated30:40
Elvis PresleyClambake (FTD)MP32006not rated1:11:22
Elvis PresleyClassic ElvisFLAC1997not rated37:16
Elvis PresleyCommand Performances: The Essential 60's Masters II (Best Of The Movies)FLAC1995not rated2:29:16
Elvis PresleyDixieland DelightMP32009not rated2:07:01
Elvis PresleyDixieland RocksFLAC2001not rated1:13:20
Elvis PresleyDragonheartMP32003not rated1:15:47
Elvis PresleyEasy Come, Easy GoMP32007not rated1:00:47
Elvis PresleyElvisFLAC1956not rated30:31
Elvis PresleyElvisCD1956not rated44:59
Elvis PresleyElvisCD1973not rated25:51
Elvis PresleyElvis - 30 SuosituintaMP31997not rated1:15:40
Elvis PresleyElvis 56 Collectors EditionFLAC1996not rated50:48
Elvis PresleyElvis 6363 SunsetFLAC2001not rated58:24
Elvis PresleyElvis 75: The Anniversary CollectionFLAC2010not rated2:51:30
Elvis PresleyElvis 80MP32014not rated2:29:10
Elvis PresleyElvis At StaxMP32013not rated54:25
Elvis PresleyElvis At StaxFLAC2013not rated54:31
Elvis PresleyElvis At Stax (Deluxe Edition)FLAC2013not rated2:54:23
Elvis PresleyElvis At The InternationalFLAC2002not rated1:19:08
Elvis PresleyElvis At The MoviesMP32007not rated1:36:41
Elvis PresleyElvis CountryCD1970not rated56:41
Elvis PresleyElvis CountryFLAC1971not rated38:57
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features - Flaming Star - Wild In The Country - Follow That DreamCD1995not rated38:28
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features - Frankie And Johnny + Paradise, Hawaiian StyleCD1994not rated49:00
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features - Harum Scarum - Girl HappyCD1993not rated46:30
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features - It Happened At The World's Fair + Fun In AcapulcoCD1993not rated49:06
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features - Kissin' Cousins - Clambake - Stay Away, JoeCD1994not rated51:46
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features - Live a Little, Love a Little - Charro! - The Trouble With Girls - Change of HabitCD1995not rated48:22
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features - Spinout - Double TroubleCD1994not rated35:43
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features- Kid Galahad - Girls! Girls! Girls!CD1993not rated47:50
Elvis PresleyElvis Double Features- Love In Las Vegas - RoustaboutCD1993not rated50:59
Elvis PresleyElvis For EveryoneFLAC1965not rated24:44
Elvis PresleyElvis For Everyone!CD1965not rated24:01
Elvis PresleyElvis Gold Records Volume 5CD1997not rated48:26
Elvis PresleyElvis In Florida April 1975FLAC2013not rated1:11:29
Elvis PresleyElvis In PersonFLAC1969not rated1:08:54
Elvis PresleyElvis In PersonMP32008not rated2:08:44
Elvis PresleyElvis In West Texas Odessa, May 30, 1976FLAC2015not rated1:06:22
Elvis PresleyElvis Is BackFLAC1960not rated32:16
Elvis PresleyElvis Is Back!CD1999not rated48:09
Elvis PresleyElvis Is Back!MP32005not rated2:37:58
Elvis PresleyElvis MoviesMP32006not rated56:22
Elvis PresleyElvis NowCD1972not rated32:33
Elvis PresleyElvis PresleyMP31956not rated28:27
Elvis PresleyElvis PresleyCD1956not rated42:55
Elvis PresleyElvis Presley (Special Edition)MP32006not rated2:13:09
Elvis PresleyElvis Presley Christmas DuetsMP32008not rated38:55
Elvis PresleyElvis Recorded Live On Stage In MemphisCD1974not rated42:00
Elvis PresleyElvis Sings Guitar ManMP32011not rated2:38:49
Elvis PresleyElvis Sings Memphis, TennesseeMP32008not rated2:25:05
Elvis PresleyElvis Through The Years vol. 1-3MP31991not rated1:57:11
Elvis PresleyElvis Through The Years vol. 10-12MP31991not rated1:53:24
Elvis PresleyElvis Through The Years vol. 13-15MP31993not rated1:56:26
Elvis PresleyElvis Through The Years vol. 16-18MP31993not rated1:43:11
Elvis PresleyElvis Through The Years vol. 4-6MP31991not rated1:56:29
Elvis PresleyElvis Through The Years vol. 7-9MP31991not rated2:07:42
Elvis PresleyElvis chante Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller CDMP32004not rated2:33:15
Elvis PresleyElvis' Christmas AlbumFLAC1957not rated30:27
Elvis PresleyElvis' Christmas Album plusFLAC11/15/2018not rated58:17
Elvis PresleyElvis' Double Features - Easy Come, Easy Go - SpeedwayCD1996not rated46:10
Elvis PresleyElvis' Gold Records Vol 4CD1968not rated29:59
Elvis PresleyElvis' Golden RecordsFLAC1958not rated33:51
Elvis PresleyElvis' Golden RecordsMP31958not rated2:12:59
Elvis PresleyElvis' Golden Records Volume 3FLAC1963not rated30:03
Elvis PresleyElvis, Scotty & Bill: In The BeginningCD1992not rated41:52
Elvis PresleyElvis: His Life in Words Pictures and MusicFLAC2011not rated29:07
Elvis PresleyEssential Elvis Vol. 5 - Rhythm And CountryMP31998not rated1:00:09
Elvis PresleyEssential Vol. 4 - A Hundred Years From NowCD1996not rated1:13:53
Elvis PresleyFame And FortuneFLAC2002not rated1:13:11
Elvis PresleyFlaming StarFLAC2019not rated47:31
Elvis PresleyFlashbackMP32004not rated1:09:02
Elvis PresleyFoolMP32008not rated2:19:13
Elvis PresleyFor LP Fans OnlyFLAC1958not rated28:35
Elvis PresleyFor The AskingCD1990not rated32:25
Elvis PresleyForty Eight Hours To MemphisMP32011not rated1:03:55
Elvis PresleyFrankie and JohnnyMP34/1/1966not rated26:23
Elvis PresleyFrom Elvis At American Sound StudioFLAC2013not rated2:35:55
Elvis PresleyFrom Elvis In MemphisCD1969not rated57:07
Elvis PresleyFrom Elvis In MemphisFLAC1969not rated37:15
Elvis PresleyFrom Elvis in MemphisMP32013not rated2:36:13
Elvis PresleyFrom The Vaults: '60'sMP32016not rated57:06
Elvis PresleyFrom The Vaults: '70'sMP32016not rated46:23
Elvis PresleyFun In AcapulcoMP31963not rated1:09:15
Elvis PresleyFun in AcapulcoFLAC1963not rated29:55
Elvis PresleyG.I. BluesCD1997not rated46:07
Elvis PresleyG.I. Blues (Collector's Edition)FLAC1960not rated28:13
Elvis PresleyG.I. Blues: The Alternative Album VersionMP32011not rated58:33
Elvis PresleyGirl HappyFLAC1965not rated24:13
Elvis PresleyGirl Happy FTDMP32003not rated1:08:16
Elvis PresleyGirls! Girls! Girls!FLAC1962not rated29:13
Elvis PresleyGood 'n' CountryFLAC2015not rated59:29
Elvis PresleyGood TimesFLAC1974not rated30:07
Elvis PresleyGood TimesMP32009not rated2:37:16
Elvis PresleyGreatest Love SongsCD1991not rated41:03
Elvis PresleyHarum ScarumFLAC1965not rated24:49
Elvis PresleyHarum ScarumFLAC1965not rated24:49
Elvis PresleyHarum ScarumMP32002not rated1:05:18
Elvis PresleyHarum ScarumMP310/1/1965not rated24:22
Elvis PresleyHe Touched MeMP32014not rated2:10:56
Elvis PresleyHe Touched MeFLAC1972not rated30:55
Elvis PresleyHe Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis PresleyMP31999not rated1:48:21
Elvis PresleyHigh SierraMP32010not rated1:11:50
Elvis PresleyHis Hand In Mine by Elvis the Alternate AlbumFLAC2006not rated2:20:36
Elvis PresleyHis Hand in MineFLAC1960not rated28:10
Elvis PresleyHow Great Thou ArtFLAC1967not rated39:50
Elvis PresleyHow Great Thou Art (FTD)MP32010not rated2:38:29
Elvis PresleyI Found My ThrillMP32006not rated1:08:22
Elvis PresleyIcon Series: Elvis PresleyFLAC2019not rated58:16
Elvis PresleyIn A Private MomentCD2000not rated56:59
Elvis PresleyIn California: Outtakes And Studio Rarities 1960-61MP32015not rated38:01
Elvis PresleyIn PersonCD1969not rated36:31
Elvis PresleyIt Happened at the World's FairFLAC1963not rated21:25
Elvis PresleyIt's MidnightFLAC2001not rated1:19:31
Elvis PresleyJailhouse RockCD1997not rated42:21
Elvis PresleyJailhouse RockMP32009not rated2:03:24
Elvis PresleyJailhouse Rock Vol.2MP32010not rated1:54:46
Elvis PresleyKid Galahad (FTD)MP32004not rated1:16:07
Elvis PresleyKing CreoleCD1997not rated34:13
Elvis PresleyKing Creole: The MusicFLAC2010not rated36:25
Elvis PresleyKing of Rock 'n' RollFLAC12/6/2018not rated4:17:56
Elvis PresleyKissin' CousinsFLAC1964not rated26:57
Elvis PresleyKissin' CousinsMP34/1/1964not rated26:33
Elvis PresleyLet Yourself GoMP32006not rated1:11:12
Elvis PresleyLet's Be FriendsFLAC1970not rated21:53
Elvis PresleyLiveCDnot rated40:25
Elvis PresleyLive 1969FLAC2019not rated13:17:23
Elvis PresleyLive In L.A. '74 (FTD)MP32007not rated1:07:22
Elvis PresleyLove Letters From ElvisCD1971not rated33:09
Elvis PresleyLove SongsCD1999not rated1:01:38
Elvis PresleyLove, ElvisMP32005not rated1:12:06
Elvis PresleyLove, ElvisFLAC2004not rated1:12:12
Elvis PresleyLoving YouCD1997not rated41:14
Elvis PresleyMade in Germany (The Complete Private Recordings)MP32019not rated4:23:01
Elvis PresleyMade in Germany (The Complete Private Recordings)FLAC3/8/2019not rated4:23:25
Elvis PresleyMemories: The '68 Comeback SpecialMP31968not rated2:00:25
Elvis PresleyMemphis SessionsFLAC2001not rated1:14:12
Elvis PresleyMilk Cow Blues BoogieFLAC2019not rated50:03
Elvis PresleyMoody BlueCD1977not rated31:32
Elvis PresleyMoody BlueCD1977not rated1:02:20
Elvis PresleyNbc Tv SpecialMP31968not rated1:03:04
Elvis PresleyOff Duty with Private PresleyMP32010not rated1:00:42
Elvis PresleyOff-On Stage February, 1970 RevisitedFLAC2018not rated45:23
Elvis PresleyOn StageFLAC1970not rated31:50
Elvis PresleyOn StageCD1999not rated51:17
Elvis PresleyOn Stage (Legacy Edition)FLAC1970not rated1:40:55
Elvis PresleyOriginal Songs Remixed for the Next CenturyMP32008not rated44:14
Elvis PresleyPeace In The Valley: The Complete Gospel RecordingsCD2000not rated3:38:42
Elvis PresleyPlatinum - A Life In MusicCD1997not rated4:23:23
Elvis PresleyPop LegendsCDnot rated36:41
Elvis PresleyPot LuckCD1962not rated39:58
Elvis PresleyPot LuckFLAC1962not rated28:55
Elvis PresleyPot Luck (FTD)MP32007not rated2:33:20
Elvis PresleyPot Luck (HD)FLAC1962not rated28:55
Elvis PresleyPromised LandCD1974not rated54:47
Elvis PresleyRaised On RockCD1973not rated27:43
Elvis PresleyRaised On Rock (FTD)MP32007not rated2:26:27
Elvis PresleyRaised on RockFLAC1973not rated27:56
Elvis PresleyRecorded Live On Stage In Memphis (FTD)FLAC2004not rated1:08:45
Elvis PresleyRock Around The Bloch!FLAC2015not rated1:17:56
Elvis PresleyRoots RevolutionCD1955not rated29:06
Elvis PresleyRoustaboutFLAC1964not rated20:37
Elvis PresleyRubberneckin'CD2003not rated10:59
Elvis PresleyShowtime Birmingham-Dallas '76 (FTD)MP32010not rated2:14:33
Elvis PresleySilver Screen StereoFLAC2001not rated1:11:42
Elvis PresleySinger Presents Elvis Sings Flaming Star And OthersFLAC1968not rated20:45
Elvis PresleySomething For EverybodyMP31961not rated2:33:42
Elvis PresleySomething For Everybody (FTD)MP32006not rated2:32:09
Elvis PresleySomething for EverybodyFLAC1961not rated27:02
Elvis PresleySomething for EverybodyCD1961not rated40:45
Elvis PresleySpinoutFLAC1966not rated29:33
Elvis PresleySpinout (FTD)MP32004not rated1:09:41
Elvis PresleyStanding Room OnlyMP32009not rated1:53:11
Elvis PresleyStay Away, JoeMP32013not rated1:13:13
Elvis PresleySummer Festival '72MP32006not rated1:13:04
Elvis PresleySunriseCD1999not rated1:32:43
Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds - The Memphis 1969 AnthologyCD1999not rated2:15:55
Elvis PresleyThat's All RightCD1954not rated6:13
Elvis PresleyThat's The Way It IsCD1970not rated46:32
Elvis PresleyThat's The Way It Is (Legacy Edition)FLAC1970not rated2:28:42
Elvis PresleyThat's the Way It Is (Deluxe Edition)MP32014not rated8:53:17
Elvis PresleyThat's the Way It Is (Special Edition)MP32000not rated3:29:51
Elvis PresleyThe 50 Greatest Love SongsFLAC2001not rated2:25:35
Elvis PresleyThe 50 Greatest Love SongsMP32001not rated2:25:20
Elvis PresleyThe Best of The '68 Comeback SpecialFLAC2019not rated48:43
Elvis PresleyThe Complete '50s Movie Masters and Alternate RecordingsFLAC2019not rated1:23:01
Elvis PresleyThe Complete 1954-1962 USA SinglesFLAC2015not rated4:01:43
Elvis PresleyThe Complete ’50s Albums CollectionM4A2013not rated4:12:45
Elvis PresleyThe Elvis Interviews - Volume 1CD1998not rated1:18:07
Elvis PresleyThe EssentialMP32007not rated2:18:14
Elvis PresleyThe Great PerformancesCD1990not rated50:55
Elvis PresleyThe Home RecordingsCD1999not rated49:17
Elvis PresleyThe Jungle Room SessionsFLAC2000not rated1:12:03
Elvis PresleyThe KingMP32007not rated2:18:12
Elvis PresleyThe Million Dollar QuartetCD1956not rated1:06:43
Elvis PresleyThe Mono Masters 1960-1975FLAC2016not rated5:50:28
Elvis PresleyThe Mono Masters 1960-1975MP32016not rated5:49:49
Elvis PresleyThe Nashville MarathonFLAC2002not rated1:08:05
Elvis PresleyThe Real... 60's CollectionFLAC2014not rated2:15:05
Elvis PresleyThe Real... ElvisFLAC2011not rated3:34:47
Elvis PresleyThe Return To VegasFLAC2014not rated1:07:12
Elvis PresleyThe Sun Sessions CDMP31987not rated1:12:19
Elvis PresleyThe Top Ten HitsMP31987not rated1:31:46
Elvis PresleyThe Viva Las Vegas SessionsFLAC2018not rated3:54:45
Elvis PresleyThe Way It WasMP32008not rated1:15:09
Elvis PresleyThe Wonder Of YouMP32009not rated1:07:41
Elvis PresleyThen & NowCDnot rated5:09
Elvis PresleyTickle MeMP32005not rated53:49
Elvis PresleyTiger ManCD1998not rated50:05
Elvis PresleyTodayCD1975not rated34:10
Elvis PresleyToday (Legacy Edition)MP32015not rated2:12:35
Elvis PresleyToday (Legacy Edition)FLAC1975not rated2:12:49
Elvis PresleyToday, Tomorrow & ForeverCD2002not rated4:29:31
Elvis PresleyTomorrow Is A Long TimeCD1999not rated51:16
Elvis PresleyToo Much Monkey BusinessMP32000not rated1:01:46
Elvis PresleyTop Ten HitsFLAC1988not rated1:32:00
Elvis PresleyU.S. EP Collection 1955-1962FLAC2019not rated4:15:10
Elvis PresleyViva Las VegasMP31969not rated2:12:03
Elvis PresleyWalk A Mile In My Shoes - The Essential 70's MastersCD1995not rated6:11:09
Elvis PresleyWelcome To My WorldFLAC1977not rated28:02
Elvis PresleyWhat Now My Love: The Midnight Shows, August 1972FLAC2018not rated2:01:36
Elvis PresleyWhere No One Stands AloneFLAC8/10/2018not rated44:15
Elvis PresleyWhite ChristmasCD2000not rated1:07:34
Elvis PresleyWooden HeartCD2005not rated7:01
Elvis PresleyYoung Man with the Big Beat: The Complete '56 Elvis Presley MastersMP32011not rated5:01:39