Jack Scott
The Greatest Canadian Rock and Roll Singer

Jack Scott - The Greatest Canadian Rock and Roll Singer

  • Release date: 2020
  • Genre: Rockabilly, Rock and Roll
  • Format: FLAC
  • Duration: 2:01:56
  • not rated
  • Added March 25


1. What's in the World Come over Younot rated2:46
2. My True Lovenot rated2:47
3. The Way I Walknot rated2:44
4. Burning Bridgesnot rated2:43
5. Leroynot rated2:12
6. Save My Soulnot rated1:55
7. Baby She's Gonenot rated2:51
8. Goodbye Babynot rated2:11
9. Oh, Little Onenot rated2:09
10. With Your Lovenot rated2:05
11. Two Timin' Womannot rated2:00
12. Midgienot rated2:17
13. Geraldinenot rated2:06
14. I Never Felt Like Thisnot rated1:55
15. There Comes a Timenot rated2:26
16. What Am I Living Fornot rated2:21
17. Go Wild Little Sadienot rated2:36
18. You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollarnot rated2:49
19. Bellanot rated2:09
20. Baby Marienot rated2:06
21. Indiana Waltznot rated2:02
22. You Only See What You Wanna Seenot rated2:35
23. I Can't Hold Your Lettersnot rated2:33
24. Take These Chains from My Heartnot rated3:42
25. Cry, Cry, Crynot rated2:42
1. Am I the Onenot rated2:09
2. Cruel Worldnot rated1:46
3. I'm Satisfied with Younot rated1:56
4. Down by the Riversidenot rated3:22
5. Window Shoppingnot rated1:43
6. The Part Where I Crynot rated2:20
7. Half as Muchnot rated2:49
8. You Win Againnot rated3:01
9. I Need Your Lovenot rated2:19
10. They'll Never Take Her Love from Menot rated2:25
11. Old Time Religionnot rated1:56
12. Sad Storynot rated2:27
13. Cold, Cold Heartnot rated3:29
14. Your Cheatin' Heartnot rated2:22
15. Baby, Babynot rated1:44
16. When the Saints Go Marching Innot rated2:46
17. The Gospel Trainnot rated2:39
18. Grizzily Bearnot rated2:22
19. Roll Jordan Rollnot rated2:36
20. Crazy Heartnot rated2:37
21. I'm Sorry for You My Friendnot rated3:23
22. Swing Low, Sweet Chariotnot rated2:15
23. Good Deal Lucillenot rated1:52
24. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jerichonot rated1:51
25. I Can't Help Itnot rated2:40

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