Woody Shaw (20 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Woody ShawBemsha SwingCD*** 1/21:48:51
Woody ShawBlackstone LegacyCD1999***1:18:09
Woody ShawFor Sure!CD2/8/2011**** 1/241:25
Woody ShawImaginationCD9/15/1998****39:33
Woody ShawIn My Own Sweet WayCD8/15/1995**** 1/21:01:46
Woody ShawIn the Beginning...LPnot rated
Woody ShawLittle Red's FantasyLP1978****39:02
Woody ShawQuartet Live In Bremen 1983LP****45:15
Woody ShawRosewoodCD9/1/1998**** 1/21:01:07
Woody ShawSolidCD9/14/1999** 1/239:40
Woody ShawStepping Stones: Live at the Village VanguardLP8/16/2005not rated39:16
Woody ShawThe MoontraneCD1997****58:42
Woody ShawThe Tour Volume OneCD2016**** 1/21:04:16
Woody ShawThe Tour Volume TwoCD2017****51:56
Woody ShawTime Is RightCD6/14/1994***
Woody ShawUnitedCD2/8/2011*****43:02
Woody ShawWoody Shaw Live Vol. 4CD4/26/2005****1:01:17
Woody ShawWoody Shaw Live, Vol. 1CD6/6/2000**** 1/257:18
Woody ShawWoody Shaw Live, Vol. 2CD11/13/2001**** 1/258:39
Woody ShawWoody Shaw Live, Vol. 3CD11/12/2002****59:04