Wings (39 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Paul McCartney48th Grammys Awards ShowMedia Video2006not rated
Paul McCartney????? ? ????LP1990not rated
Paul McCartneyAll My Trials5" CDs1990not rated15:19
Paul McCartneyCirkus (Live From American Tour)Media Audio11/30/1993not rated6:00:53
Paul McCartneyDriving MilwaukeeMedia Video2002not rated
Paul McCartneyEllenMedia Video2005not rated
Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight3" CDs1989not rated14:57
Paul McCartneyFlaming PieCD5/5/1997not rated53:37
Paul McCartneyFlowers In The DirtLP1/11/1991not rated48:34
Paul McCartneyGive My Regards To Broad StreetLP10/22/1984not rated45:39
Paul McCartneyGreetings DallasMedia Audio2005not rated2:37:13
Paul McCartneyHope Of Deliverance5" CDs12/28/1992not rated15:46
Paul McCartneyIdris Elba Meets Paul McCartneyMedia Video2020not rated53:55
Paul McCartneyLive At Ed Sullivan TheaterMedia Audio1992not rated1:28:38
Paul McCartneyLive At Mean FiddlerMedia Audio1991not rated1:37:41
Paul McCartneyLive At Tokyo Dome, Bunkyo, Tokyo, JapanMedia Audio2017not rated2:39:56
Paul McCartneyMTV Paul McCartney SundayMedia Audio3/7/1993not rated1:52:02
Paul McCartneyMcCartney II, The Paul McCartney CollectionCD8/9/1993not rated58:40
Paul McCartneyMcCartney II, The Paul McCartney CollectionLP5/1980not rated38:01
Paul McCartneyMovin' On, Inför Världsturnérn 1993Media Audio6/9/1993not rated3:03:47
Paul McCartneyMusikjournalenMedia Audio1993not rated57:55
Paul McCartneyOff The GroundLP2/1/1993not rated
Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney Rare VideosMedia Videonot rated2:26:20
Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney Up-CloseMedia Audio2/11/1993not rated3:38:35
Paul McCartneyPress7" Vinyl 45rpm1986not rated8:51
Paul McCartneyRed Rose Speedway, The Paul McCartney CollectionCD1993not rated59:18
Paul McCartneyRude Studio Demos (Tug Of War demos and more)Media Audio1980not rated49:16
Paul McCartneySpies Like Us7" Picture Disc1985not rated8:36
Paul McCartneySpies Like Us7" Vinyl 45rpm11/1985not rated8:36
Paul McCartneyTea In SpaceMedia Video2005not rated62:08:16
Paul McCartneyTripping The Live Fantastic2CD1990not rated2:18:10
Paul McCartneyTug Of War, The Paul McCartney CollectionLP1982not rated40:03
Paul McCartneyTug Of War, The Paul McCartney CollectionCD1993not rated40:03
Paul McCartneyUnplugged (The Official Bootleg)CD1991not rated47:16
WingsBack To The EggLP1979not rated42:00
WingsBand On The RunLP1976not rated39:57
WingsLondon TownCassette1978not rated52:47
WingsVenus And MarsCD1987not rated52:48
WingsWings GreatestCD1993not rated54:00