The Sweet (77 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Sweet"A"CD1992not rated52:49
The SweetAction (The Ultimate Story)2CD9/18/2015not rated2:36:09
The SweetAction (The Ultimate Story)DVD9/18/2015not rated
The SweetAm I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again5" CDs1992not rated13:28
The SweetAnthologyCD12/24/1992not rated1:14:41
The SweetAre You Ready? - The RCA EraBox Set4/14/2017not rated
The SweetBerlin BlitzCD1997not rated
The SweetBlock Buster !7" Vinyl 45rpm1973not rated6:12
The SweetBlockbustersCD1989not rated47:00
The SweetBreakdownCD1994not rated
The SweetCut Above The RestCD1992not rated42:20
The SweetDesolation BoulevardLP1974not rated41:14
The SweetDesolation BoulevardCD1989not rated41:56
The SweetDesolation BoulevardCassette1974not rated
The SweetDesolation BoulevardLP1981not rated42:42
The SweetEstar Com Voce BreveCD1990not rated1:12:12
The SweetFirst Recordings 1968-1971CD1991not rated33:44
The SweetFirst Recordings 1968-1971 (Picture Disc)CD1991not rated33:44
The SweetFrom The Bottom To The Top with Special guest Andy Scott2CDR2003not rated1:51:25
The SweetFunny Funny, How Sweet Co-Co Can BeCD1991not rated37:07
The SweetFunny, Funny / You're Wrong For Loving Me7" Vinyl 45rpm3/1971not rated5:34
The SweetGive Us A WinkCassette1976not rated
The SweetGive Us A WinkCD1990not rated56:49
The SweetGive Us A WinkLP1990not rated39:18
The SweetGive Us A WinkLP1976not rated
The SweetGreat Balls Of Fire!CD1993not rated27:19
The SweetGreatest HitsLP1986not rated41:31
The SweetHard Centres - The Rock YearsLP1987not rated
The SweetIdentity CrisisCD1992not rated33:01
The SweetIdentity CrisisLP1982not rated33:01
The SweetIt's It's... The Sweet Mix12" Vinyl Single1984not rated
The SweetLand Of Hope And GloryCD1993not rated45:23
The SweetLevel HeadedLP1992not rated39:51
The SweetLevel HeadedCD1991not rated53:57
The SweetLevel HeadedLP1978not rated38:54
The SweetLevel HeadedLP1978not rated46:57
The SweetLive At The MarqueeCD1989not rated1:12:56
The SweetLive At Top Rank Club, Cardiff, WalesMedia Audio1981not rated4:15:23
The SweetLive For TodayCD1993not rated
The SweetLive In Denmark 1976CD1998not rated1:14:11
The SweetLove Is Like Oxygen7" Vinyl 45rpm1978not rated7:19
The SweetNightbird & Co.CDR1995not rated42:22
The SweetNo Sleep Til LondonCDR2004not rated1:06:26
The SweetOff The RecordLP1977not rated38:13
The SweetOff The RecordLP1990not rated38:13
The SweetOff The RecordCD1990not rated48:56
The SweetPaperback Writer7" Vinyl 45rpm1973not rated4:48
The SweetPaperback Writer7" Vinyl 45rpm1973not rated4:48
The SweetRock & Roll Disgrace - Live In JapanCD1992not rated49:25
The SweetRockin' The RainbowCD1990not rated
The SweetStand Up5" CDs1992not rated16:54
The SweetStrung Up2LP1975not rated1:14:54
The SweetStrung Up (Black RCA Label)2LPnot rated1:14:54
The SweetSweet 16: It's It's....Sweet's Hits12" Picture Disc1984not rated
The SweetSweet 16: It's It's....Sweet's HitsLP1985not rated54:49
The SweetSweet 2th - The Wigwam-Willy Mix7" Vinyl 45rpm1985not rated
The SweetSweet Fanny AdamsLP1974not rated
The SweetSweet Fanny AdamsCassette1974not rated
The SweetSweet's Golden GreatsCassette1977not rated
The SweetSweetlifeCD2002not rated51:49
The SweetTeenage Rampage7" Vinyl 45rpm1974not rated7:27
The SweetThe CollectionCD1989not rated1:17:59
The SweetThe CollectionCD1990not rated1:17:59
The SweetThe Live EP5" CDsnot rated17:31
The SweetThe Six Teens7" Vinyl 45rpm1974not rated7:36
The SweetThe SweetLP1978not rated
The SweetThe SweetCD box set1992not rated3:13:26
The SweetThe SweetCD1996not rated
The SweetThe Sweet & The PipkinsLP1974not rated16:17
The SweetThe Sweet (Live) Ā«Hell RaiserĀ»CD1994not rated1:05:45
The SweetThe Sweet's Biggest HitsCD1992not rated36:12
The SweetThe Sweet's Biggest HitsLP1972not rated
The SweetThe Sweet's Biggest HitsLP1972not rated
The SweetTurn It Down / ...Someone Else Will7" Vinyl 45rpm1974not rated6:55
The SweetWaters EdgeLP1980not rated36:00
The SweetWaters EdgeCD1992not rated
The SweetX-Ray-Specs5" CDs1991not rated12:13