Roxette (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
RoxetteThe Big L.12" Vinyl Single1991not rated14:19
RoxetteThe Big L.7" Vinyl 45rpm1991not rated8:02
RoxetteSpending My Time7" Vinyl 45rpm9/26/1991not rated9:28
RoxettePearls Of PassionLP10/31/1986not rated47:48
RoxetteLook Sharp!LP1988not rated49:32
RoxetteListen To Your Heart7" Vinyl 45rpm1988not rated9:01
RoxetteJoyride (Magicfriendmix 12")12" Vinyl Single2/27/1991not rated14:40
RoxetteJoyride7" Vinyl 45rpm1991not rated8:32
RoxetteJoyrideCD1991not rated59:42
RoxetteJoyrideLP1991not rated48:52
RoxetteIt Must Have Been Love7" Vinyl 45rpm1990not rated7:48
RoxetteHow Do You Do!5" CDs1992not rated18:55
RoxetteFireworks5" CDs1994not rated6:53
RoxetteFingertips '935" CDs1993not rated8:31
RoxetteFading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)7" Vinyl 45rpm1991not rated7:49
RoxetteDressed For Success (The Look Sharp Mix)12" Vinyl Single1988not rated20:22
RoxetteDressed For Success7" Vinyl 45rpm10/1990not rated8:38
RoxetteDance Passion (The Remix Album)LP3/27/1987not rated37:40