Queen (33 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
QueenA Day At The Races (Remaster 1993)Media Audio1976not rated44:17
QueenA Kind Of MagicMedia Audio1986not rated53:32
QueenA Night At The OperaMedia Audio1975not rated43:03
QueenAt The BeebMedia Audio1989not rated37:40
QueenAt the Beeb 1973Media Audio1989not rated29:50
QueenBrian May Capital Radio Rock Master ClassMedia Audio1983not rated53:01
QueenComplete BBC Sessions 1973-1977Media Audio2004not rated1:57:30
QueenFlash Gordon (Remaster 1994)Media Audio1980not rated35:13
QueenGreatest Hits IMedia Audio1981not rated58:21
QueenGreatest Hits IIMedia Audio1991not rated1:15:53
QueenGreatest Hits IIIMedia Audio1999not rated1:13:45
QueenHot SpaceMedia Audio1982not rated43:31
QueenIn The Beginning (Studio Demos 1971)Media Audio1971not rated22:45
QueenInnuendoMedia Audio1991not rated53:46
QueenInnuendoCD1991not rated53:42
QueenJazz (Remaster 1994)Media Audio1978not rated44:45
QueenLive At Wembley '86Media Audio1992not rated1:50:52
QueenLive KillersMedia Audio1979not rated1:30:14
QueenLive MagicMedia Audio1986not rated49:18
QueenMade In HeavenMedia Audio1995not rated1:10:26
QueenMusic Box Live In MunichMedia Video1979not rated
QueenNews Of The World (Remaster 1993)Media Audio1977not rated39:24
QueenNews Of The World (Remaster 2011)Media Audio2011not rated56:22
QueenQueen (Remaster 1994)Media Audio1973not rated38:39
QueenQueen II (Remaster 1994)Media Audio1974not rated40:47
QueenQueen II (Remaster 2011)Media Audio2011not rated59:55
QueenQueen On Fire-Live At The BowlMedia Audio2004not rated1:42:01
QueenQueen RocksMedia Audio1997not rated1:10:26
QueenQueen Will Be CrownedMedia Audio2004not rated38:18
QueenSheer Heart Attack (Remastered 2011)Media Audio2011not rated54:48
QueenThe Game (Remaster 1994)Media Audio1980not rated35:40
QueenThe MiracleMedia Audio1989not rated52:15
QueenThe WorksMedia Audio1984not rated37:31