Kenneth & The Knutters (7 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Kenneth & The KnuttersGuldhits ICD1993not rated24:40
Kenneth & The KnuttersLeva FortLP1984not rated35:36
Kenneth & The KnuttersLäder, Svett Och DårarLP1985not rated40:15
Kenneth & The KnuttersOljad Blixt7" Vinyl 45rpm1983not rated7:51
Kenneth & The KnuttersP-Nissar7" Vinyl 45rpm1984not rated7:56
Kenneth & The KnuttersTankad, Packad Och Klar7" Vinyl 45rpm1991not rated8:12
Kenneth & The KnuttersUng, Villig Och Motorburen7" Vinyl 45rpm1991not rated7:24