Clutch (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
ClutchTransnational Speedway LeagueMedia Audio1993not rated46:03
ClutchThe Elephant RidersMedia Audio1998not rated51:00
ClutchStrange Cousins From The WestMedia Audio2009not rated49:25
ClutchRobot Hive-ExodusMedia Audio2005not rated54:38
ClutchPsychic WarfareMedia Audio2015not rated39:48
ClutchPitchfork & Lost NeedlesMedia Audio2005not rated36:42
ClutchPitchforkMedia Audio1991not rated13:54
ClutchLive At Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison CO, USAMedia Audio2015not rated1:11:30
ClutchLive At Iron City Birmingham, Alabama, USAMedia Audio2018not rated1:21:51
ClutchLive At Egyptian Room, Old National Centre, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAMedia Audio2022not rated1:22:41
ClutchLive At Dome Arena, Henrietta, NH, USMedia Audio2017not rated1:09:29
ClutchFrom Beale Street To OblivionMedia Audio2007not rated48:34
ClutchEarth RockerMedia Audio2013not rated44:26
ClutchClutchMedia Audio1995not rated54:59
ClutchBlast TyrantMedia Audio2004not rated53:36