Alice Cooper (49 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Alice CooperA Fistful Of AliceMedia Audio1997not rated1:01:00
Alice CooperAlice Cooper's Greatest HitsLPnot rated41:14
Alice CooperAlice Does AliceMedia Audio2010not rated18:28
Alice CooperAlong Came A SpiderMedia Audio2008not rated44:18
Alice CooperBillion Dollar BabiesLPnot rated40:54
Alice CooperBillion Dollar BabiesMedia Audio1973not rated41:07
Alice CooperBillion Dollar Babies (Deluxe Edition 2001)Media Audio1973not rated1:38:55
Alice CooperBrutal Planet2CD2001not rated1:39:16
Alice CooperBrutal PlanetMedia Audio2000not rated47:59
Alice CooperBrutally LiveMedia Audio2000not rated1:36:03
Alice CooperBurning Our Bed7" Vinyl 45rpm1991not rated9:24
Alice CooperConstrictorMedia Audio1986not rated37:12
Alice CooperDadaMedia Audio1983not rated42:17
Alice CooperDirty DiamondsMedia Audio2005not rated46:50
Alice CooperDragontownCD2001not rated50:48
Alice CooperDragontownMedia Audio2001not rated50:53
Alice CooperEarly Alice - The Spiders From VenueMedia Audionot rated50:55
Alice CooperEasy ActionMedia Audio1970not rated34:46
Alice CooperFlush The FashionMedia Audio1980not rated28:39
Alice CooperFreak Out SongLP1985not rated
Alice CooperFrom The InsideMedia Audio1978not rated39:06
Alice CooperGoes To HellMedia Audio1976not rated43:11
Alice CooperGreatest HitsMedia Audio1974not rated41:43
Alice CooperHey StoopidMedia Audio1991not rated56:14
Alice CooperKillerMedia Audio1971not rated36:54
Alice CooperLace And WhiskeyMedia Audio1977not rated41:40
Alice CooperLive At Met(ropolitan) Sports Center, Minneapolis, MN, USAMedia Audio1973not rated1:06:24
Alice CooperLive At The Whiskey A Go Go 1969Media Audio1992not rated25:41
Alice CooperLove It To DeathMedia Audio1971not rated37:02
Alice CooperMuscle Of LoveMedia Audio1973not rated39:28
Alice CooperMuscle Of Love Demos & OuttakesMedia Audio1974not rated32:37
Alice CooperParanormalMedia Audio2017not rated1:06:58
Alice CooperPretties For YouMedia Audio1969not rated38:02
Alice CooperRaise Your Fist And YellMedia Audio1987not rated37:05
Alice CooperSchool's OutMedia Audio1972not rated36:57
Alice CooperSchool's OutLPnot rated35:59
Alice CooperSchool's Out (Remastered 2009)Media Audio2009not rated36:50
Alice CooperSpecial ForcesMedia Audio1981not rated33:47
Alice CooperThe Alice Cooper ShowMedia Audio1977not rated40:48
Alice CooperThe Eyes Of Alice CooperMedia Audio2003not rated44:17
Alice CooperThe Last TemptationMedia Audio1994not rated50:57
Alice CooperThe Life And Crimes Of Alice CooperMedia Audio1999not rated4:58:08
Alice CooperTrashMedia Audio1989not rated40:20
Alice CooperWelcome 2 My Nightmare (Deluxe Edition)Media Audio2011not rated1:04:36
Alice CooperWelcome To My NightmareCD1975not rated43:29
Alice CooperWelcome To My NightmareVHSnot rated
Alice CooperWelcome To My Nightmare (Expanded & Remastered 2002)Media Audio1975not rated56:02
Alice CooperWinter Pop Fest, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, CanadaMedia Audio1971not rated1:01:37
Alice CooperZipper Catches SkinMedia Audio1982not rated32:28