220 Volt (28 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
220 Volt220 VoltMedia Audio1983not rated38:39
220 VoltBeat Of A Heart7" Vinyl 45rpm1988not rated7:44
220 VoltEye To EyeLP1989not rated38:44
220 VoltEye To EyeMedia Audio1988not rated38:39
220 VoltHeavy Christmas7" Vinyl 45rpm1984not rated8:58
220 VoltHeavy Christmas12" Vinyl Single1987not rated
220 VoltLive At Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, SwedenMedia Audio2016not rated1:05:05
220 VoltLive At Folkets Hus, Ostersund, SwedenMedia Video1982not rated
220 VoltLive At Föreningshuset I Hackås, SwedenMedia Audio2002not rated1:39:25
220 VoltLive At Isstadion, Malmö, SwedenMedia Audio1986not rated31:51
220 VoltLive At KB, Malmö, SwedenMedia Audio2018not rated45:59
220 VoltLive At Liseberg, Gothenburg, SwedenMedia Audio1988not rated38:48
220 VoltLive At Liseberg, Göteborg, SwedenMedia Audio1987not rated52:16
220 VoltLive At Ljusdalsfestivalen, SwedenMedia Video1984not rated
220 VoltLive At Palace, Kalmar, SwedenMedia Audio2005not rated38:02
220 VoltLive At Scandinavium, GothenburgMedia Audio1986not rated32:03
220 VoltLive At Storsjöteatern, Östersund, SwedenMedia Video1983not rated
220 VoltLive At Sweden Rock FestivalMedia Audio2016not rated1:00:00
220 VoltLive At The Tivoli, Helsingborg, SwedenMedia Audio2015not rated53:38
220 VoltLive In Gävle, SwedenMedia Audio1985not rated38:07
220 VoltLove Is All You Need7" Vinyl 45rpm1988not rated7:36
220 VoltMade In JamtlandMedia Audio2005not rated
220 VoltMind Over MuscleLP1985not rated45:10
220 VoltOn The Air With Radio CityMedia Audio2002not rated17:10
220 VoltStill In Love7" Vinyl 45rpm1989not rated7:47
220 VoltStudio Demos 1982Media Audio1982not rated36:57
220 VoltVolume 1CD2002not rated52:38
220 VoltWalking In StarlightMedia Audio2014not rated54:06