Phil Lynott
Philip The Man And His Music

Phil Lynott - Philip The Man And His Music

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Vol. I - The Early Days
1. Dublin (spoken 1980)not rated0:40
2. New faces old places (skid row B-side 1969)not rated3:26
3. The farmer (1970)not rated3:36
4. I need you ( B-side to Farmer 1970)not rated4:06
5. Spotlight magazine greetingnot rated0:16
6. Broken dreams (B-side to Randolph's tango)not rated4:26
7. Ride in the Lizzy mobile (B-side to Rocker in Germany)not rated4:08
8. Here I go again (B-side to The rocker ''elsewhere'')not rated3:44
9. The rocker (1st BBC-session 1973)not rated5:48
10. Things ain't working out down at the farm (1st BBC-session 1973)not rated5:41
11. Slow blues (1st BBC-session 1973)not rated7:51
12. Gonna creep up on you (1st BBC-session 1973)not rated4:01
13. Suicide (alt. lyrics 1st BBC-session 1973)not rated4:52
14. Little darling (radio station version)not rated2:57
15. Song for Jimi (flexi disc for Flexipop magazine 1980)not rated3:54
Vol. II - The Sun Goes Down
1. Halfcaste (B-side to Rosalie 1974)not rated3:38
2. She knows (BBC-session 1975)not rated5:38
3. It's only money (BBC-session 1975)not rated3:25
4. Still in love with you, showdown (BBC-session 1975)not rated10:57
5. Rock n´roll with you (BBC-session 1975)not rated4:48
6. Baby drives me crazynot rated4:27
7. Me and the boys (B-side to Rosalie 1978)not rated3:49
8. With love (album cut)not rated4:44
9. Just the two of us (Black rose ''single'')not rated2:46
10. Dublin (from continuing saga of the ageing orphans)not rated2:31
11. Don't play around (B-side to Killer on the loose)not rated3:08
12. Trouble boys (''single'' Aug.1981)not rated3:31
13. Memory pain (''single'' Aug.1981)not rated4:47
14. Angel of death (from Cold sweat 12'' 1983)not rated7:32
15. The sun goes down (extended version)not rated6:11
Vol. III - Solo And Sessions
1. 19 Dub Mix (12' version)not rated5:25
2. Tennessee stud (with Terry Woods)not rated4:07
3. Whiskey in the jar (Cork 4-13-80 with Midge Ure)not rated5:45
4. Somebody elses dream (B-side to Together)not rated4:23
5. A tribute to Sandy Dennynot rated4:17
6. Beat of the drum (B-side to Old Town)not rated3:43
7. Out in the fields (with Gary Moore 1985)not rated5:25
8. Stop messing around (with Gary Moore 1985)not rated4:05
9. A night in the life of a blues singer (B-side of 19 1979)not rated4:56
10. A merry jingle (Greedies Xmas 1979)not rated3:10
11. Daddy rolling stone (with Johnny Thunders 1978)not rated3:18
12. We are the boys (The Rockers 1983)not rated6:40
13. Spanish guitar (with Gary Moore 1979)not rated3:52
14. Can't get away (demo with Huey Lewis 1985)not rated4:43
15. Still alive (demo with Huey Lewis 1985)not rated3:33
16. One wish (demo with Huey Lewis 1985)not rated3:57
Vol. IV - Don't Let Him Slip Awa
1. Don't let him slip away (vers.1 -82)not rated7:40
2. Look what the wind blew in (BBC session -71)not rated4:24
3. Return of the farmer's son (BBC session -71)not rated3:50
4. Going down (RTE session -73)not rated3:49
5. Dublin (RTE session -73)not rated2:53
6. Things ain't working out down at the farm (RTE session -73)not rated5:48
7. It's only money (alt. vers.)not rated2:39
8. Little darling (alt. vers.)not rated3:02
9. Still in love with you (alt. vers.)not rated5:38
10. Jailbreak (Nürnberg -83)not rated4:58
11. Thunder and lightning (Nürnberg -83)not rated5:02
12. Rosalie (Nürnberg -83)not rated6:21
13. Hate (unreleased -82)not rated4:23
14. Don't let him slip away (vers.2 -82)not rated8:06
Vol. V - 1978
1. Rocklila (Ramport Studios 1-28-78)not rated4:21
2. A night in the life of an old blues singer (1-21-78 long vers.)not rated5:54
3. Ode to a black man (studio demo 2-1-78)not rated5:26
4. Spanish guitar (studio demo 2-1-78)not rated3:38
5. Cold black night (Ramport Studios 1-28-78)not rated3:33
6. Parisienne walkways (studio demo 2-1-78)not rated3:26
7. Are you ready (studio demo 2-1-78)not rated2:53
8. Black mail (studio demo 2-1-78)not rated2:41
9. Waiting for an alibi (studio demo 2-1-78)not rated3:52
10. Fanatical fascists (studio demo 2-1-78)not rated4:03
11. Leaving town (unknown)not rated6:02
12. Mama and papa (Trend Studios demos '67-69)not rated1:20
13. Ageing (Trend Studios demos '67-69)not rated3:04
14. Meanwhile, it's really worth while (Trend Studios demos '67-69)not rated3:29
15. Dublin (Trend Studios demos '67-69)not rated4:33
16. The friendly ranger (Trend Studios demos '67-69)not rated1:02
Vol. VI
1. Ghetto woman (unreleased -73)not rated3:50
2. Hate (Ramport Studios 1-22-78)not rated3:22
3. With love (Ramport Studios 1-22-78)not rated4:40
4. Parisienne walkways (Ramport Studios 1-22-78)not rated3:52
5. Black rose (Ramport Studios 1-22-78)not rated4:05
6. Got to give it up (Ramport Studios 1-22-78)not rated3:29
7. Toughest street in town (Ramport Studios 1-22-78)not rated4:01
8. Don't believe a word (Ramport Studios 1-22-78)not rated3:20
9. Bad habits (demo)not rated4:37
10. Baby please don't go (demo)not rated5:45
11. Mama don't like it (demo)not rated4:08
12. Chosen one (demo)not rated5:21
Vol. VII - Snowed In Cork (flac)
1. Hey You (Soundcheck)not rated7:01
2. Waiting For an Alibi (Soundcheck)not rated3:26
3. Chinatown (Soundcheck)not rated5:02
4. Didn't I (Soundcheck)not rated6:34
5. Are You Readynot rated3:01
6. Chinatownnot rated5:16
7. Rosalie (Rose Of Tralee)not rated4:16
8. Waiting For An Alibinot rated3:21
9. Jailbreaknot rated3:55
10. We Will Be Strongnot rated6:25
11. Sweetheartnot rated4:06
12. Hey Younot rated5:18
Vol. VII - Snowed In Cork (mp3)
1. Hey you (soundcheck - Cork 1980)not rated7:02
2. Waiting for an alibi (soundcheck - Cork 1980)not rated3:28
3. Chinatown (soundcheck - Cork 1980)not rated5:04
4. Didn't I (soundcheck - Cork 1980)not rated6:36
5. Are you ready (Cork 1980)not rated3:03
6. Chinatown (Cork 1980)not rated5:18
7. Rosalie (rose of Tralee) (Cork 1980)not rated4:17
8. Waiting for an alibi (Cork 1980)not rated3:23
9. Jailbreak (Cork 1980)not rated3:57
10. Don't play around (soundcheck Hammersmith 05-29-80)not rated3:53
11. We will be strong (soundcheck Hammersmith 05-29-80)not rated6:26
12. Sweetheart (soundcheck Hammersmith 05-30-80)not rated4:08
13. Hey you (Hammersmith 05-29-80)not rated5:18

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