The Beatles
Across the Universe

The Beatles - Across the Universe

  • Release date: 2007
  • Format: Media Video
  • Category: Un-Official Release
  • not rated
  • Added September 10, 2020


1. Candy Trailer Starring Ringo Starrnot rated0:00
2. George Leaves For Bombaynot rated0:00
3. Wonderwall Recording For Inner Lightnot rated0:00
4. Filming And Piece For Yellow Submarinenot rated0:00
5. Pattie Models, John, Cynthia & Georgenot rated0:00
6. Lady Madonna Promo Version 1not rated0:00
7. Lady Madonna #2not rated0:00
8. Hey Bulldognot rated0:00
9. Lady Madonna #3not rated0:00
10. John, George, Pattie & Cynthia Leave For Rishikeshnot rated0:00
11. John, George, Pattie & Cynthia Arrive In Indianot rated0:00
12. Rishikesh, India Februare 17not rated0:00
13. Paul, Ringo, Jane & Maureen Leave For Rishikeshnot rated0:00
14. Paul, Ringo, Jane & Maureen Arrive In Indianot rated0:00
15. Paul, Ringo, Jane & Maureen Off To Rishikeshnot rated0:00
16. Meditation With The Maharashinot rated0:00
17. Pathe UK Newreelnot rated0:00
18. Mal Evans Color Moviesnot rated0:00
19. John Takes Helicopter Ride With The Maharashinot rated0:00
20. RAI TV7 Italian TV Version #1not rated0:00
21. RAI TV7 Italian TV Version #2not rated0:00
22. Clips Of John & Georgenot rated0:00
23. Paul & Jane Return From India BBC TV Newsnot rated0:00
24. Step Inside Love Paul With Cilla Blacknot rated0:00
25. NYC Larry Kane Interviewnot rated0:00
26. NYC Larry Kane Interview Out-Takesnot rated0:00
27. NYC Press Conferencenot rated0:00
28. The Tonight Show With Joe Garaglotanot rated0:00
29. John And Paul At London Airportnot rated0:00
30. All My Loving Documentarynot rated0:00
31. John With Victor Spinetti Interviewnot rated0:00
32. George With Ravi Shankarnot rated0:00
33. Helter Skelter & Blackbirdnot rated0:00
34. Apple Promo Films Produced By Tony Bramwellnot rated0:00
35. George, Pattie, Ringo & Maureen Return From USAnot rated0:00
36. In His Own Write Premierenot rated0:00

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