The Beatles
Magical Mystery Demos

The Beatles - Magical Mystery Demos

  • Format: Media Audio
  • Category: Un-Official Release
  • Duration: 1:03:59
  • not rated
  • Added September 10, 2020


1. All Together On The Wireless Machine (Paul on the BBC 25.11.67)not rated0:56
2. Magical Mystery Tour (film version)not rated1:34
3. The Fool On The Hill (take 1 - demo version)not rated2:42
4. Magica Mellotron Muisc (incidental music)not rated0:52
5. The Beatles - Aerial Tour Instrumental (alternate version of 'FLYING')not rated2:04
6. Where's The Bus (dialogue)not rated1:30
7. I Am The Walrus (take 7 - instrumental - a breakdown)not rated1:47
8. I Am The Walrus (take 9 - instrumental)not rated4:12
9. I Am The Walrus (final 'basic' version without overdubs)not rated4:26
10. Jessie's Dream (incidental music)not rated2:12
11. Blue Jay Way (rough mix)not rated4:08
12. They're Having A Lovely Time (dialogue)not rated0:52
13. Your Mother Should Know (take 1)not rated2:27
14. Hello Goodbye (take 1 - instrumental)not rated4:35
15. All You Need Is Love (original mono-mix with longer fade-out)not rated4:16
16. It's All Too Much (film version)not rated2:22
17. New Blue Meanies (dialogue)not rated0:36
18. All Together Now (mono-mix)not rated2:09
19. Hey Bulldog (mono-mix)not rated3:04
20. Across The Universe (alternative mix)not rated3:53
21. It's All Too Much (unedited long version)not rated8:12
22. Think For Yourself (studio talk 1965, part of which was used in the 'YELLOW SUBMARINE' film)not rated5:02

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