Toto Coelo
Man O' War

Toto Coelo - Man O' War

  • Release date: 1983
  • Genre: Electronic/Pop
  • Format: LP
  • Category: Official Release
  • not rated
  • Added November 7, 2019


1. I Eat Cannibals (Part One)not rated0:00
2. Milk From The Coconut (Part One)not rated0:00
3. Man O' Warnot rated0:00
4. Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love)not rated0:00
5. Hey Rajahnot rated0:00
6. (I May Commit) The Perfect Crimenot rated0:00
7. Milk From The Coconut (Part Two)not rated0:00
8. Mucho Machonot rated0:00
9. Spy Vs Spynot rated0:00
10. I Eat Cannibals (Part Two)not rated0:00

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