The Beatles
E.P. Collection

The Beatles - E.P. Collection

  • Release date: 12/7/1981
  • Genre: Rock/Stage & Screen
  • Format: 7" Vinyl 45rpm
  • Category: Official Release
  • not rated
  • Added November 4, 2019


The Beatles Hits
1. From Me To Younot rated0:00
2. Thank You Girlnot rated0:00
3. Please Please Menot rated0:00
4. Love Me Donot rated0:00
5. Blue Jay Waynot rated0:00
Twist And Shout
1. Twist And Shoutnot rated0:00
2. A Taste Of Honeynot rated0:00
3. Do You Want To Know A Secretnot rated0:00
4. There's A Placenot rated0:00
1. I Saw Her Standing Therenot rated0:00
2. Miserynot rated0:00
3. Anna (Go To Him)not rated0:00
4. Chainsnot rated0:00
All My Loving
1. All My Lovingnot rated0:00
2. Ask Me Whynot rated0:00
3. Moneynot rated0:00
4. P.S. I Love Younot rated0:00
Long Tall Sally
1. Long Tall Sallynot rated0:00
2. I Call Your Namenot rated0:00
3. Slow Downnot rated0:00
4. Matchboxnot rated0:00
Extracts From The Film A Hard Da
1. I Should Have Known Betternot rated0:00
2. If I Fellnot rated0:00
3. Tell Me Whynot rated0:00
4. And I Love Hernot rated0:00
Extracts From The Album A Hard D
1. Any Time At Allnot rated0:00
2. I'll Cry Insteadnot rated0:00
3. Things We Said Todaynot rated0:00
4. When I Get Homenot rated0:00
Beatles For Sale
1. No Replynot rated0:00
2. I'm A Losernot rated0:00
3. Rock And Roll Musicnot rated0:00
4. Eight Days A Weeknot rated0:00
Beatles For Sale No. 2
1. I'll Follow The Sunnot rated0:00
2. Baby's In Blacknot rated0:00
3. Words Of Lovenot rated0:00
4. I Don't Want To Spoil The Partynot rated0:00
The Beatles Million Sellers
1. She Loves Younot rated0:00
2. I Want To Hold Your Handnot rated0:00
3. Can't Buy Me Lovenot rated0:00
4. I Feel Finenot rated0:00
1. Yesterdaynot rated0:00
2. Act Naturallynot rated0:00
3. You Like Me Too Muchnot rated0:00
4. It's Only Lovenot rated0:00
Nowhere Man
1. Nowhere Mannot rated0:00
2. Drive My Carnot rated0:00
3. Michellenot rated0:00
4. You Won't See Menot rated0:00
The Beatles
1. The Inner Lightnot rated0:00
2. Baby You're A Rich Mannot rated0:00
3. She's A Womannot rated0:00
4. This Boynot rated0:00
Magical Mystery Tour Record 1
1. Magical Mystery Tournot rated0:00
2. Your Mother Should Knownot rated0:00
3. I Am The Walrusnot rated0:00
Magical Mystery Tour Record 1
1. The Fool On The Hillnot rated0:00
2. Flyingnot rated0:00
3. Blue Jay Waynot rated0:00

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