Los Lobos (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Los LobosBy The Light Of The Moon (MFSL SACD hybrid)CD1987not rated40:41
Los LobosGood Morning Aztlan (MFSL SACD hybrid)CDnot rated47:45
Los LobosHow Will the Wolf Survive?CD1984not rated33:29
Los LobosJust Another Band from East L.A.: A CollectionCD1993not rated2:26:59
Los LobosKikoCD1992not rated52:34
Los LobosKiko (MFSL SACD hybrid)CDnot rated52:34
Los LobosLa Pistola y El CorazónCD1988not rated25:09
Los LobosLos Lobos Goes DisneyCD2009not rated38:51
Los LobosNative SonsCD2021not rated49:32
Los LobosNeighborhoodCD1990not rated45:21
Los LobosOne Time One NightCD2008not rated49:21
Los LobosThis Time (MFSL SACD hybrid)CDnot rated38:09
Los LobosTin Can TrustCD2010not rated47:28