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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
Youssou N'dourShakin' The TreeLe canzoni del Secolo - 135:38not ratedCD2000
Youssou N'DourShakin' The TreeLe Canzoni Del Secolo - Vol.135:38not ratedM4A
Youssou N'dourSilence (Tango)The Guide (Wommat)4:38not ratedCD1994
Youssou N'dourTouristaThe Guide (Wommat)4:36not ratedCD1994
Youssou N'dourUndecided (Japoulo)The Guide (Wommat)5:25not ratedCD1994
Youssou N'dourUnknownThe Guide (Wommat)3:53not ratedCD1994
Youssou N'dourWithout A Smile (Same)The Guide (Wommat)4:12not ratedCD1994
Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry7 SecondBest Of Love4:09not ratedCD1997
Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry7 SecondsBest Of Love4:09not ratedM4A
YpeyLove In SpainCafe Del Mar, Vol. 146:02not ratedMP32007
Yusef LateefChang, Chang, ChangFunky Jazz. Black Music Black People3:00not ratedCD2004
YutakaMorenaMontecarlo Nights Vol. II5:02not ratedM4A
YutakaMorenaMontecarlo Nights Vol. II5:02not ratedM4A1994
YutakaMorenaMontecarlo Nights Vol. II5:02not ratedM4A
YutakaMorenaMontecarlo Nights Collection5:02not ratedM4A
YutakaMorena 1Montecarlo Nights Vol. II5:02not ratedM4A
Yvonne EllimanIf I Can't Have YouSaturday Night Fever. The Original Movie Sound Track3:02not ratedCDR1977
Z StarDrivenThe Nightfly 9 Day4:01not ratedMP32005
ZebFrom The DistanceChill Out. L'Espresso Cafe'. Vol.5. Blooming Day6:04not ratedCD2005
Zero 7I Have SeenRECORD5:05not ratedMP32010
Zero 7Passing ByChill Out. L'Espresso Cafe'. Vol.2. Chilling Out4:43not ratedCD2005
ZippoDietorelleLinus 10 e lode Volume 10:33not ratedCD
Zoot Sims's WonderfulZoot Sims And The Gershwin Brothers4:40not ratedCDR1975
Zoot SimsDream DancingThe Jazz Giants Play Cole Porter. Night And Day7:22not ratedCDR1998
Zoot SimsEmbraceable YouZoot Sims And The Gershwin Brothers4:50not ratedCDR1975

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