The Cure (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The CureAlive and WellMP31992****1:03:06
The CureConcert. The Cure LiveLP1984*****42:38
The CureConcert. The Cure LiveCDR1984*****42:29
The CureConcert: The Cure LiveMP31984not rated42:31
The CureConcert: The Cure LiveMP31984*****42:28
The CureDisintegrationMP31989*****1:12:03
The CureEntreatLP1990***47:29
The CureFaith (Remastered)M4P1/1/2005not rated36:57
The CureParisM4P1/1/1993not rated57:41
The CurePornography (Remastered)M4P1/1/2005not rated43:09
The CureSeventeen Seconds (Remastered)M4P10/17/2005not rated35:39
The CureStaring At The Sea. The SinglesCD1986****1:01:57
The CureThe Head On The DoorMP31985*****37:34
The CureThe Head On The Door (Vinyl)MP3not rated
The CureThree Imaginary BoysM4P1/1/2004not rated35:19