Stevie Wonder (27 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Stevie WonderThe Woman In RedLP1984not rated
Stevie WonderThe Original Musiquarium I2LP1982*****1:25:59
Stevie WonderThe Complete Stevie Wonder - For Once In My LifeM4A10/12/2005not rated2:48
Stevie WonderTalking BookCD1972****43:30
Stevie WonderStevie Wonder - Il Rock - 41LPnot rated
Stevie WonderSongs in the Key of LifeM4A1976not rated8:28
Stevie WonderSongs in the Key of LifeMP31976not rated8:29
Stevie WonderSongs In The Key of Life (Disc 2)MP31976not rated53:23
Stevie WonderSongs In The Key Of Life (Disc 1)MP31976not rated42:45
Stevie WonderSongs In The Key Of Life2CDR1976*****1:45:19
Stevie WonderSong Review - A Greatest Hits CollectionCD1996*** 1/21:18:47
Stevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium IMP31982not rated5:08
Stevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium (CD2)MP31982*****44:11
Stevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium (CD1)MP31982*****41:45
Stevie WonderNumber 1'sMP32007****1:18:32
Stevie WonderInnervisionsMP31973not rated44:07
Stevie WonderInnervisionsCDR1973*****40:58
Stevie WonderGreatest HitsM4A1968not rated5:55
Stevie WonderGreatest HitsMP31968not rated5:58
Stevie WonderGreatest HitsMP31968not rated11:48
Stevie WonderChristmas SongsM4Anot rated3:06
Stevie WonderChristmas SongsMP3not rated3:11
Stevie WonderBallad CollectionCD1999*** 1/21:10:13
Stevie WonderAnni 70M4Anot rated40:19
Stevie WonderAnni 70MP3not rated1:00:14
Stevie WonderA Time To LoveMP32005not rated5:12
Stevie WonderA Time To LoveM4A2005not rated5:11