Deep Purple (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Deep Purple100 Greatest Guitar Solos (Cd 1)MP3not rated6:08
Deep Purple100 Greatest Guitar Solos (Cd 1)M4Anot rated6:08
Deep PurpleAnni 70MP3not rated7:25
Deep PurpleDeep Purple In Rock 25Th Anniversary EditionMP31970**** 1/243:30
Deep PurpleIn RockLP1970****42:59
Deep PurpleMachine HeadLP1972****38:05
Deep PurpleMachine Head 25Th Anniversary Edition (CD 1)MP31997*****42:26
Deep PurpleMade In JapanMP31972not rated1:17:03
Deep PurpleMade In Japan - The Remastered EditionM4A1972*****1:38:06
Deep PurpleMade In Japan. The Remastered EditionCD1998****1:38:06
Deep PurpleNobody's Perfect2LP1988****1:25:21
Deep PurpleSmoke On The WaterCD1994****1:17:24