Chet Baker (26 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Chet Baker'Round MidnightM4P12/25/2014not rated44:23
Chet BakerA Man & His MusicCD box set**** 1/22:36:12
Chet BakerA Man & His MusicMP3not rated2:36:06
Chet BakerAt CapolineaCD1996****43:36
Chet BakerChetCDR1959*****50:52
Chet BakerChet Baker And StringsCD1954*** 1/246:12
Chet BakerChet Baker At CapolineaM4A2008not rated43:36
Chet BakerChet Baker In Paris - Volume 2 - Everything Happens To MeCD1955*****1:10:40
Chet BakerDeep In A DreamM4A2009not rated4:38
Chet BakerGroovyMP32010*****2:40:25
Chet BakerGroovy (CD 1)MP32010not rated44:14
Chet BakerGroovy (CD 2)MP32010not rated1:06:25
Chet BakerGroovy (CD 3)MP32010not rated49:46
Chet BakerIn Paris Vol 2MP31988not rated41:25
Chet BakerJazz 'Round MidnightM4A1965not rated2:53
Chet BakerJazz 'Round MidnightMP31965not rated2:53
Chet BakerJazz Collection. WitchcraftCD1991****57:19
Chet BakerJazz Moods: CoolMP32005not rated4:43
Chet BakerMilestonesMP32010not rated57:19
Chet BakerMy Favorite Songs - The Last Great Concert Vol.1CDR1988**** 1/249:32
Chet BakerRound' MidnightM4P4/1/2006not rated1:01:39
Chet BakerStreet Of DreamsM4A1965not rated4:38
Chet BakerStreet Of DreamsMP31965not rated4:39
Chet BakerThe Best Of Chet Baker SingsCD1956*** 1/21:05:38
Chet BakerThe Best Smooth Jazz ...ever!MP32005not rated2:58
Chet BakerThis Is JazzCD1996****40:00