Kicking Television
Live In Chicago

Kicking Television - Live In Chicago

  • Release date: 11/15/2005
  • Format: M4P
  • Duration: 1:58:29
  • not rated
  • Added December 17, 2016


1. Misunderstood (Live)not rated6:08
2. Company In My Back (Live)not rated3:44
3. The Late Greats (Live)not rated2:40
4. Hell Is Chrome (Live)not rated4:56
5. Handshake Drugs (Live)not rated6:23
6. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (not rated6:04
7. Shot In the Arm (Live)not rated4:51
8. At Least That's What You Said (Linot rated5:18
9. Wishful Thinking (Live)not rated4:26
10. Jesus, Etc. (Live)not rated4:00
11. I'm the Man Who Loves You (Live)not rated3:58
12. Kicking Television (Live)not rated3:03
13. Via Chicago (Live)not rated5:14
14. Hummingbird (Live)not rated3:19
15. Muzzle of Bees (Live)not rated4:49
16. One By One (Live)not rated3:25
17. Airline to Heaven (Live)not rated4:41
18. Radio Cure (Live)not rated4:42
19. Ashes of American Flags (Live)not rated6:03
20. Heavy Metal Drummer (Live)not rated3:21
21. Poor Places (Live)not rated5:31
22. Spiders (Kidsmoke) [Live]not rated11:17
23. Comment (If All Men Are Truly Bronot rated6:13
24. Monday (Live)not rated4:11

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