Diane Schuur
Music Is My Life

Diane Schuur - Music Is My Life

  • Release date: 2/28/2012
  • Format: CD
  • not rated
  • Added January 19, 2015


1. Invitationnot rated0:00
2. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home Tonot rated0:00
3. That Old Devil Called Lovenot rated0:00
4. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewilderednot rated0:00
5. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Nownot rated0:00
6. Good Morning Heartachenot rated0:00
7. I Only Have Eyes For Younot rated0:00
8. Nardisnot rated0:00
9. Music Is My lifenot rated0:00
10. If You Could See Me Nownot rated0:00
11. Somewhere Over The Rainbownot rated0:00

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