Ella Fitzgerald
Sings The Cole Porter Song Book

Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Cole Porter Song Book

  • Release date: 1956
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Format: 2CD
  • Category: jazz
  • Duration: 2:03:09
  • ****
  • Added February 21, 2004


1. All Through The Nightnot rated3:17
2. Anything Goesnot rated3:23
3. Miss Otis Regretsnot rated3:02
4. Too Darn Hotnot rated3:50
5. In The Still Of The Nightnot rated2:40
6. I Get A Kick Out Of Younot rated4:01
7. Do I Love You?not rated3:51
8. I'm Always True To You In My Fashionnot rated2:50
9. Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)not rated3:33
10. Just One Of Those Thingsnot rated3:32
11. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbyenot rated3:33
12. All Of Younot rated1:45
13. Begin The Beguinenot rated3:39
14. Get Out Of Townnot rated3:24
15. I Am In Lovenot rated4:08
16. From This Moment Onnot rated3:16
1. I Love Parisnot rated4:59
2. You Do Something To Menot rated2:23
3. Ridin' Highnot rated3:23
4. Easy To Lovenot rated3:26
5. It's All Right With Menot rated3:09
6. Why Can't You Behave?not rated5:06
7. What Is This Thing Called Lovenot rated2:05
8. You're The Topnot rated3:35
9. Love For Salenot rated5:55
10. It's De-lovelynot rated2:44
11. Night And Daynot rated3:06
12. Ace In The Holenot rated1:59
13. So In Lovenot rated3:52
14. I've Got You Under Me Skinnot rated2:44
15. I Concentrate On Younot rated3:14
16. Don't Fence Me Innot rated3:28
17. You're The Top - Alternative Takenot rated2:09
18. I Concentrate On You - Alternative Takenot rated3:02
19. Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) - Alternative Takenot rated8:50

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