Phish (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
PhishA Live OneLP10/27/2017not rated2:11:25
PhishA Picture of NectarLP2014not rated1:00:27
PhishA Picture of NectarCD1992not rated1:00:27
PhishBig BoatLP11/4/2016not rated1:07:34
PhishFuegoLP6/24/2014not rated55:17
PhishHoistLP4/16/2016not rated50:28
PhishJoyLP9/8/2009not rated
PhishJuntaLP9/30/2013not rated1:25:51
PhishLawn BoyLP4/20/2013not rated47:56
PhishLive Phish 06 11-27-98CD1998not rated2:56:08
PhishLive at The CatalystM4Anot rated1:11:57
PhishParty TimeLP2011not rated
PhishRiftCD1993not rated1:07:51
PhishRiftLP9/18/2015not rated
PhishThe Baker's Dozen Live At Madison Square GardenLP11/30/2018not rated3:24:27