Jimi Hendrix (35 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Jimi HendrixAre You Experienced?LP1967not rated40:58
Jimi HendrixAre You Experienced?CD1967not rated40:58
Jimi HendrixAxis: Bold As LoveCD1967not rated39:28
Jimi HendrixAxis: Bold As LoveLP4/2019not rated
Jimi HendrixAxis: Bold As LoveLP1967not rated39:28
Jimi HendrixBand Of GypsysLP1970not rated45:38
Jimi HendrixBand Of GypsysCD1970not rated45:38
Jimi HendrixBirth of SuccessLP1970not rated
Jimi HendrixElectric LadylandLP1968not rated1:15:24
Jimi HendrixElectric LadylandLP1968not rated1:15:24
Jimi HendrixElectric LadylandCD1968not rated1:15:24
Jimi HendrixExperienceLPnot rated
Jimi HendrixIn The WestLP1971not rated40:55
Jimi HendrixInside the RainbowLP1980not rated
Jimi HendrixIsle of WightLPnot rated
Jimi HendrixJimi Plays MontereyCD1986not rated45:51
Jimi HendrixKiss The SkyCD1984not rated46:43
Jimi HendrixKiss The SkyLP1984not rated46:43
Jimi HendrixLast British ConcertLPnot rated
Jimi HendrixLive At The Fillmore EastCD1999not rated1:55:07
Jimi HendrixLive At WinterlandCD1987not rated1:11:43
Jimi HendrixMiami Pop FestivalLP11/5/2013not rated1:01:37
Jimi HendrixNine To The UniverseLP1980not rated38:07
Jimi HendrixPeople, Hell And AngelsLP3/5/2013not rated52:43
Jimi HendrixRadio OneCD1988not rated59:36
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge - Original Motion Picture Sound TrackLP2014not rated42:31
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLPnot rated42:14
Jimi HendrixStages: Atlanta '70CD1991not rated54:44
Jimi HendrixStages: Paris '68CD1991not rated50:30
Jimi HendrixStages: San Diego '69CD1991not rated1:00:29
Jimi HendrixStages: Stockholm '67CD1991not rated31:36
Jimi HendrixThe Cry of LoveLP1971not rated39:40
Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix ConcertsLP1982not rated1:08:32
Jimi HendrixVoodoo ChildLP2001not rated2:24:56
Jimi HendrixWar HeroesLP1972not rated34:57