Various artists (439 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists20 From 20CD2013not rated1:16:34
Various artists2000 Light Years From HomeCD12/2017not rated52:58
Various artists2004 TracksCDR2004not rated8:42:30
Various artists2007 TracksCDR2007not rated5:12:09
Various artists2008 TracksCDR2008not rated2:40:15
Various artists2010 TracksCDR2010not rated8:01:25
Various artists2011 TracksCDR2011not rated6:24:55
Various artists2014 TracksCDR2014not rated23:13:34
Various artists2131 South Michigan AvenueCD1969not rated1:36:05
Various artists30 Seconds Before the Calico WallCD1969not rated1:17:46
Various artists60s Psych Pop TreasuresCDR1969not rated7:31:27
Various artists94 Baker Street (The Pop-Psych Sounds Of The Apple Era 1967-1969)CD1969not rated52:55
Various artists94 Baker Street RevisitedCD1968not rated1:01:40
Various artistsA Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters (issue 1)CDR2010not rated1:19:10
Various artistsA Concert For GeorgeCD11/28/2002not rated2:39:24
Various artistsA History Of Garage & Frat Bands In MemphisCD1975not rated1:13:58
Various artistsA Journey To TymeCDR1969not rated2:47:47
Various artistsA Quiet RiotCD2001not rated2:37:02
Various artistsA Testimonial DinnerCD1995not rated45:50
Various artistsA Thompson Family ChristmasCDR12/17/2008not rated1:15:52
Various artistsA Whole Lot of Rainbows: Soft Pop Nuggets from the WEA VaultsCD1967not rated1:04:26
Various artistsAcid Drops, Spacedust & Flying SaucersCD1969not rated3:48:47
Various artistsAdventure Club SessionsCD1993not rated1:05:09
Various artistsAfter The StormCD2006not rated2:23:54
Various artistsAir Balloon RoadCDR1990not rated1:17:25
Various artistsAll Around The WorldCD2005not rated32:55
Various artistsAll Star Tribute To Pink FloydCDR2015not rated59:54
Various artistsAll The Young DudesCD2009not rated54:52
Various artistsAn Apple A DayCD1969not rated1:05:57
Various artistsAnalectaCD2008not rated1:17:35
Various artistsBattery PointCD1993not rated1:00:55
Various artistsBe YourselfCD2010not rated39:07
Various artistsBeat It...CDR1969not rated1:50:24
Various artistsBickershaw FestivalCD5/1972not rated6:02:37
Various artistsBig Star - Small WorldCD2006not rated39:12
Various artistsBlow Your CoolCDR1970not rated1:08:13
Various artistsBob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present State Of The Union The American Dream In Crisis 1967 - 1973CD1973not rated1:18:56
Various artistsBob Stanley Presents 76 In The ShadeCD1976not rated1:14:53
Various artistsBook A Trip - The Psychedelic Pop Sounds Of Capitol RecordsCDR1970not rated1:06:32
Various artistsBook A Trip 2CDR1969not rated1:02:33
Various artistsBox Of Trash (Pebbles)CD1969not rated4:35:46
Various artistsCelebrating Jon Lord The ComposerCD2014not rated59:24
Various artistsCelebrating Jon Lord The Rock LegendCD2014not rated1:43:49
Various artistsCircus DaysCD1972not rated4:58:31
Various artistsClassic Cuts 4CD1999not rated1:11:34
Various artistsCloset Pop FolkCDR12/1/1998not rated1:09:54
Various artistsCloset Pop FreakCD1996not rated1:08:48
Various artistsColditz Breakpoint!CD1973not rated36:14
Various artistsCollecting Peppermint CloudsCDR1969not rated1:05:15
Various artistsCome And Get It - A Tribute To BadfingerCD2000not rated1:17:12
Various artistsComing UpCDR2001not rated59:39
Various artistsCompilation Disc Too (The SI-Germany Disc)CD1993not rated1:00:47
Various artistsCowboys In ScandinaviaCDR2006not rated1:08:30
Various artistsCuriosity ShopCDR1972not rated3:50:08
Various artistsCyclops SamplerCD1994not rated1:16:55
Various artistsCyclops Sampler 4CD2000not rated2:26:23
Various artistsCyclops Sampler 5CD2002not rated2:23:45
Various artistsCyclops Sampler 6CD2007not rated2:19:40
Various artistsDGC Rarities Vol. 1CD1994not rated50:23
Various artistsDear Mr Fantasy: A Celebration For Jim CapaldiCD2007not rated1:46:30
Various artistsDouble WhammyCDR1967not rated1:16:33
Various artistsDowner Rock GenocideCDR1973not rated1:13:10
Various artistsEarly Morning HushCDR1976not rated1:09:18
Various artistsEncomium - A Tribute To Led ZeppelinCD1995not rated51:59
Various artistsEncores Legends & Paradox - A Tribute To The Music Of ELPCD1999not rated1:04:45
Various artistsEngine CommonCD1998not rated57:54
Various artistsEnglish WeatherCD1976not rated1:18:35
Various artistsEverybody's Got To Learn SometimeCD1991not rated2:11:57
Various artistsExposed No.IIICD1994not rated55:19
Various artistsFairy Tales Can Come TrueCDR1969not rated3:47:17
Various artistsFountain IslandCDR1992not rated58:30
Various artistsFraKctalsCD2002not rated1:18:18
Various artistsFriday Night LightsCD2004not rated52:59
Various artistsFriends and Lovers: Songs of BreadCD2005not rated48:03
Various artistsFuchsia, Mahagonny And Other GemsCDR1975not rated45:06
Various artistsFuzz, Flaykes And ShakesCDR1971not rated6:12:40
Various artistsGaol Ferry BridgeCD1993not rated48:51
Various artistsGap: Favorite SongsCD2005not rated31:00
Various artistsGarage & PsychCDR1969not rated11:20:08
Various artistsGarageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music! The Arf Arf 30-Track Audio Relic SamplerCD2008not rated1:17:52
Various artistsGather in the MushroomsCD1974not rated1:14:47
Various artistsGeorge FestCD2014not rated1:46:41
Various artistsGlass ArcadeCD1993not rated1:02:09
Various artistsGreasy Truckers PartyCD1972not rated3:24:04
Various artistsGreatest Ever Prog RockCD2011not rated3:30:20
Various artistsGuitar Speak IICDR1989not rated44:39
Various artistsGuitar Speak IIICDR1991not rated40:15
Various artistsHarmony For ElephantsCD2018not rated1:07:32
Various artistsHello Everyone Popsike Sparks from Denmark StreetCD1970not rated1:19:50
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 1 and 2 LACDR1967not rated1:17:42
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 10 and 15 WisconsinCDR1967not rated1:06:23
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 11 and 12 TexasCDR1967not rated1:09:11
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 13 and 17 TexasCDR1967not rated1:07:07
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 16 and 19 The Northwest and MichiganCDR1967not rated1:05:56
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 23 TexasCDR1967not rated30:14
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 3 and 20 LACDR1967not rated1:11:43
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 4 and 18 Chicago and ColoradoCDR1967not rated1:17:40
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 5 and 6 MichiganCDR1967not rated1:14:26
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 7 and 14 The NorthwestCDR1967not rated1:09:39
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 8 and 22 The SouthCDR1967not rated1:12:17
Various artistsHighs In The Mid-Sixties 9 and 21 OhioCDR1967not rated1:13:39
Various artistsHook Heaven 1CDR2006not rated2:19:13
Various artistsHook Heaven 2CD2007not rated1:18:38
Various artistsHoward Stern Presents A Tribute To David BowieCDR2018not rated1:17:05
Various artistsI Wanna Be KateCDR2003not rated1:17:28
Various artistsIain Paice's Sunflower JamCD2012not rated1:13:53
Various artistsIf I Were A CarpenterCD1994not rated54:12
Various artistsInside Out Music - Sampler 2003CD2003not rated1:03:14
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 1CDR1998not rated1:13:02
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 10CD2007not rated3:41:46
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 13CD2010not rated3:51:52
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 14CD2011not rated3:50:04
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 15CD2012not rated3:55:54
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 16CD2013not rated3:55:46
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 2CDR1999not rated2:21:29
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 21CD2018not rated3:54:35
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 3CDR2000not rated2:24:35
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 5CD2002not rated3:54:48
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 7CDR2004not rated3:53:49
Various artistsInternational Pop Overthrow Volume 8CDR2005not rated3:58:32
Various artistsInto the Black - Neil Young TributeCD1994not rated1:13:55
Various artistsIsland FolkCD2009not rated45:17
Various artistsJack, That Cat Was CleanCD1970not rated16:22
Various artistsJohn Peel Punk SpecialCDR12/10/1976not rated1:00:19
Various artistsLa MosaiqueCD1992not rated1:38:03
Various artistsLateNightTales: MidlakeCD2011not rated1:11:25
Various artistsLeader Of The Starry SkiesCD2011not rated1:13:56
Various artistsLeader Of The Starry Skies - A Loyal CompanionCDR2011not rated52:27
Various artistsLet's Go Down And Blow Our Minds The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1967CDR1967not rated1:46:37
Various artistsListen To What The Man SaidCD2001not rated1:00:35
Various artistsLive BootlegCD2002not rated1:19:21
Various artistsLong Time GoneCD7/2008not rated1:11:12
Various artistsLove, Poetry And RevolutionCD1972not rated3:53:25
Various artistsLovers From The Sky (Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1968-1971)CD1971not rated53:46
Various artistsME 115 Sounds Now!CD2006not rated32:42
Various artistsME 117 Sounds now!CD2006not rated37:56
Various artistsMOJO Presents: Us & Them - A Pink Floyd CompanionCD2022not rated1:06:02
Various artistsMannerisms - A Celebration of the Music of Geoff MannCD1994not rated1:13:48
Various artistsMind BlowersCD1969not rated35:29
Various artistsMindrockerCD1969not rated8:07:21
Various artistsMojo Machine Turns You On 2018CD2018not rated1:01:00
Various artistsMojo Presents: Abbey Road NowCD2009not rated49:27
Various artistsMojo Presents: Beatlemania Vol 2CD2004not rated53:27
Various artistsMojo Presents: Blonde On Blonde RevisitedCD2016not rated1:16:36
Various artistsMojo Presents: Brain DamageCD10/2014not rated1:16:15
Various artistsMojo Presents: Bright Ambassadors Or MorningCD2018not rated1:13:46
Various artistsMojo Presents: Children Of PepperCD2017not rated58:24
Various artistsMojo Presents: Cohen CoveredCD2008not rated1:02:50
Various artistsMojo Presents: Dave Gilmour & FriendsCD2015not rated1:07:23
Various artistsMojo Presents: David Bowie - HeroesCD2015not rated45:14
Various artistsMojo Presents: Dream Forever (A Dream Pop Compendium)CD2016not rated1:02:36
Various artistsMojo Presents: Dylan CoveredCD2005not rated1:00:46
Various artistsMojo Presents: Experienced!CD2006not rated1:09:31
Various artistsMojo Presents: Fab Gear! 15 Customised Beatles CoversCD11/2021not rated56:36
Various artistsMojo Presents: Green Leaves: Nick Drake coveredCD2/2017not rated54:00
Various artistsMojo Presents: Harrison CoveredCD2011not rated53:14
Various artistsMojo Presents: Harvest RevisitedCD2011not rated36:08
Various artistsMojo Presents: Heavy NuggetsCD2007not rated1:02:59
Various artistsMojo Presents: Heavy Nuggets Vol. 4CD2016not rated1:13:52
Various artistsMojo Presents: Heavy Nuggets Vol. 5CD2019not rated1:18:25
Various artistsMojo Presents: Heavy Nuggets Vol. 6CD1976not rated1:01:31
Various artistsMojo Presents: Heavy SoulCD2010not rated50:28
Various artistsMojo Presents: Heavy Soul IICD4/2020not rated1:10:49
Various artistsMojo Presents: I Can See For MilesCD1967not rated41:38
Various artistsMojo Presents: I Just Can't Be Happy TodayCD2017not rated40:28
Various artistsMojo Presents: In My RoomCD2006not rated45:31
Various artistsMojo Presents: In Seach of SydCD2007not rated1:17:54
Various artistsMojo Presents: It's A Wonderful LifeCD2014not rated47:43
Various artistsMojo Presents: Kiss The SkyCD2017not rated1:06:56
Various artistsMojo Presents: Love Will Tear You ApartCD2007not rated57:35
Various artistsMojo Presents: New HarvestCD2009not rated1:01:04
Various artistsMojo Presents: Paint It BlackCD3/2016not rated46:09
Various artistsMojo Presents: Pet Sounds RevisitedCD2012not rated49:09
Various artistsMojo Presents: Physical Graffiti RedrawnCD2015not rated1:08:31
Various artistsMojo Presents: Pigs Might FlyCD2017not rated1:19:20
Various artistsMojo Presents: Ragged GloriesCD2019not rated1:18:15
Various artistsMojo Presents: Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon / Wish You Were Here AgainCD2011not rated1:07:22
Various artistsMojo Presents: Revolver ReloadedCD2006not rated50:23
Various artistsMojo Presents: Rumours RevisitedCD2012not rated42:46
Various artistsMojo Presents: Something Else: A Tribute To The KinksCD2017not rated47:49
Various artistsMojo Presents: Songs In The Key Of PaulCD2013not rated52:10
Various artistsMojo Presents: Sticky Soul FingersCD2012not rated41:51
Various artistsMojo Presents: The DreamersCD2014not rated1:00:09
Various artistsMojo Presents: The Madcap Laughs AgainCD2010not rated44:40
Various artistsMojo Presents: The Modern Genuis Of Ray DaviesCD2006not rated51:21
Various artistsMojo Presents: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen CoveredCD2012not rated1:12:10
Various artistsMojo Presents: The White Album RecoveredCD2008not rated1:44:25
Various artistsMojo Presents: The Who CoveredCD2006not rated43:29
Various artistsMojo Presents: The World of The Small Faces And BeyondCD2012not rated44:15
Various artistsMojo Presents: Yellow Submarine ResurfacesCD2012not rated50:01
Various artistsMusic Is LoveCDR2012not rated1:43:55
Various artistsMy Mind Goes High: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA VaultsCD1968not rated1:13:50
Various artistsNashpopCDR2002not rated1:01:56
Various artistsNever Ever LandCD1969not rated3:45:47
Various artistsNew SpeciesCD2011not rated22:19:38
Various artistsNight Of The Guitar Live!CDR1989not rated1:11:20
Various artistsNone Of Us Is PinkCDR2005not rated3:59:44
Various artistsNothing But Hope And PassionCDR2012not rated1:20:02
Various artistsNuggets - Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic EraCD1968not rated5:10:32
Various artistsNuggets From The Golden State - Crystalize Your MindCDR1968not rated58:01
Various artistsNuggets From The Golden State - Good Things Are HappeningCDR1968not rated1:09:40
Various artistsNuggets From The Golden State - The Autumn Teen SoundCDR1969not rated2:32:59
Various artistsNuggets From The Golden State - The Berkeley EPsCDR1969not rated1:01:34
Various artistsNuggets From The Golden State - The Hush Records StoryCDR1969not rated59:53
Various artistsNuggets From The Golden State - The Scorpio Records StoryCDR1967not rated1:05:43
Various artistsNuggets From The Golden State - What A Way To Come DownCDR1968not rated1:08:01
Various artistsNuggets II - Original Artyfacts From The British Empire & Beyond 1964-69CD1969not rated5:05:23
Various artistsNuggets from the Golden State - The Sound of Young SacramentoCDR1969not rated1:18:52
Various artistsOne Day One Of These Fans Will Change Your LifeCD2006not rated50:15
Various artistsOne World One VoiceCD1990not rated52:48
Various artistsOut There: The Future Of Prog RockCD2004not rated1:15:40
Various artistsP100: A Cornucopia Of DelightsCD2019not rated50:37
Various artistsP101: Lifting Shdaows Off A DreamCD2019not rated1:16:06
Various artistsP102: Simple PleasuresCD2019not rated1:01:44
Various artistsP103: Sonic AttacksCD2019not rated1:14:29
Various artistsP104: Emerald EyesCD2019not rated1:12:52
Various artistsP105: The Show Must Go OnCD2019not rated1:05:45
Various artistsP106: Changing StatesCD2020not rated1:17:47
Various artistsP107: Giants Under The SunCD2020not rated1:14:29
Various artistsP108: A Time And A PlaceCD2020not rated1:14:37
Various artistsP109: Counting Out TimeCD5/2020not rated1:01:57
Various artistsP10: Tipplers TalesCD2013not rated1:15:18
Various artistsP110: 5261 EurekaCD6/2020not rated1:16:47
Various artistsP111: The MastertapeCD2020not rated1:04:04
Various artistsP112: A Gentleman's Excuse MeCD2020not rated1:18:38
Various artistsP113: This Month's Best New MusicCD2020not rated51:18
Various artistsP114: The Month's Best New MusicCD2020not rated1:11:23
Various artistsP115: The Month's Best New MusicCD2020not rated1:17:33
Various artistsP116: The Month's Best New MusicCD12/2020not rated1:18:24
Various artistsP117: This Month's New MusicCD2021not rated1:12:06
Various artistsP118: This Month's Best New MusicCD2021not rated1:13:46
Various artistsP119: Mirror ImagesCD2021not rated1:07:55
Various artistsP11: Sailing Uncharted SeasCD2013not rated57:36
Various artistsP120: 21st Century Schizoid SongsCD2021not rated1:12:35
Various artistsP121: rated56:25
Various artistsP122: For Absent FriendsCD2021not rated1:01:11
Various artistsP123: The Crimson VeilCD2021not rated54:38
Various artistsP124: Space RocksCD2021not rated1:14:29
Various artistsP125: EruptionCD2021not rated1:04:36
Various artistsP12: UnsignedCD2013not rated55:25
Various artistsP13: The Spirit Of RadialCD2013not rated53:43
Various artistsP14: Brave New WorldCD2013not rated1:03:40
Various artistsP15: Tangerine DreamingCD2013not rated59:22
Various artistsP16: Arriving Somewhere... But Not HereCD2013not rated1:13:34
Various artistsP17: Awaken The Stone KingCD2013not rated1:09:14
Various artistsP18: Childhood's EndCD2013not rated46:53
Various artistsP19: Smash And Scatteration!CD2013not rated1:01:36
Various artistsP1: A New Day YesterdayCD2012not rated1:17:57
Various artistsP20: Elephant TalkCD2014not rated1:01:00
Various artistsP21: Pigs On The WingCD2014not rated58:36
Various artistsP22: A Wilderness Of MirrorsCD2014not rated57:39
Various artistsP23: A Lifetime Of Adventure...CD2014not rated1:05:20
Various artistsP24: Little Fluffy CloudsCD2014not rated58:38
Various artistsP25: AirborneCD2014not rated1:07:37
Various artistsP26: As Sure As Eggs Is EggsCD2014not rated1:08:10
Various artistsP27: All The World's A StageCD2014not rated50:31
Various artistsP28: The Missing PieceCD2014not rated58:32
Various artistsP29: Lilywhite LilithCD2014not rated1:08:19
Various artistsP2: StormwatchCD2012not rated1:14:01
Various artistsP30: Grand DesignsCD2014not rated1:05:13
Various artistsP31:The Start Of Something BeautifulCD2015not rated1:05:34
Various artistsP32: Lords Of The BackstageCD2015not rated1:01:00
Various artistsP33: The Great MarshCD2015not rated56:07
Various artistsP34: The Chamber Of 32 DoorsCD2015not rated58:23
Various artistsP35: Can't Afford No ShoesCD2015not rated1:03:13
Various artistsP36: Fish Out Of WaterCD2015not rated55:52
Various artistsP37: Welcome To The MachineCD2015not rated55:15
Various artistsP38: Shock The MonkeyCD10/2015not rated1:01:14
Various artistsP39: WindowpaneCD2015not rated1:13:55
Various artistsP3: The Butterfly EffectCD2012not rated1:07:28
Various artistsP40: Fantastic VoyageCD2015not rated1:08:28
Various artistsP41: The Twilight ZoneCD2016not rated1:01:28
Various artistsP42: No Jacket RequiredCD3/2016not rated1:12:05
Various artistsP43: Strange MagicCD4/2016not rated1:10:55
Various artistsP44: FugueCD2016not rated1:04:20
Various artistsP45: See Emily PlayCD2016not rated1:06:52
Various artistsP46: Ocean SongCD2016not rated1:09:51
Various artistsP47: Garden PartyCD2016not rated1:06:47
Various artistsP48: Funky DungCD2016not rated57:13
Various artistsP49: Dance Of The DawnCD2016not rated1:02:58
Various artistsP4: Suits You, SirCD2012not rated1:17:11
Various artistsP50: Tales Of The FutureCD2016not rated1:15:39
Various artistsP51: Beam Me UpCD2017not rated47:44
Various artistsP52: Cup Of WonderCD2017not rated1:06:32
Various artistsP53: The Midas TouchCD2017not rated55:47
Various artistsP54: One For The VineCD2017not rated1:10:10
Various artistsP55: That Time Of The NightCD2017not rated57:59
Various artistsP56: Perpetual ChangeCD2017not rated1:04:07
Various artistsP57: PostcardsCD2017not rated1:14:18
Various artistsP58: Wish You Were HereCD2017not rated1:12:06
Various artistsP59: Dressed In Kingly GuiseCD2017not rated1:10:29
Various artistsP5: Into The LensCD2012not rated1:18:23
Various artistsP60: Funny WaysCD2017not rated1:13:54
Various artistsP61: Internal LanscapesCD2018not rated1:17:57
Various artistsP62: Cap In HandCD2/2018not rated1:06:05
Various artistsP63: Giants Under The SunCD2018not rated1:18:29
Various artistsP64: Ashes In The WaterCD2018not rated55:39
Various artistsP65: One Of The FewCD2018not rated55:34
Various artistsP66: On The AirCD2018not rated57:14
Various artistsP67: Lunar SeaCD2018not rated1:17:34
Various artistsP68: HoedownCD2018not rated44:10
Various artistsP6: Big Big TerrainCD2012not rated1:11:02
Various artistsP7: Cod BluffCD2012not rated1:13:00
Various artistsP87: Red NightmaresCD2018not rated49:48
Various artistsP8:Take The Long Way HomeCD2012not rated1:03:23
Various artistsP93: Plus ├ža ChangeCD2018not rated1:14:27
Various artistsP94: Over The Garden WallCD2018not rated55:59
Various artistsP95: Dactylic RhythmsCD2019not rated1:07:00
Various artistsP96: High HopesCD2019not rated1:10:02
Various artistsP97: The Big DreamCD2019not rated1:02:03
Various artistsP98: Sheik, Rattle & RollCD2019not rated1:15:35
Various artistsP99: Behind The LinesCD2019not rated1:08:12
Various artistsP9: Head SpaceCD2012not rated1:14:15
Various artistsPiccadilly Sunshine BandsCDR1972not rated2:04:11
Various artistsPop Boomerang Electric And EclecticCDR2011not rated1:00:10
Various artistsPop Boomerang Making A Big SoundCDR2011not rated1:16:53
Various artistsPop Geek Heaven Meets Pop BoomerangCDR2012not rated1:19:30
Various artistsPost Rock Community CompilationCDR2008not rated1:08:55
Various artistsPowerpop Overdose Top Albums of 2009CDR2009not rated1:07:56
Various artistsPre-10ccCDR1972not rated17:00
Various artistsPre-10ccCDR1972not rated1:06:18
Various artistsPre-Purple PeopleCD1973not rated1:05:14
Various artistsProg Garden Party: Unsigned 2CD2013not rated54:49
Various artistsProg RockCD2006not rated2:29:38
Various artistsProgDay Encore?CD2000not rated8:19:29
Various artistsProgWest 2001: The Official BootlegCD2001not rated1:03:28
Various artistsProgday '95CD1995not rated2:18:21
Various artistsProgday '98CD1998not rated2:27:06
Various artistsProgfest '94CD1994not rated2:26:43
Various artistsPrognosis 1CD2009not rated1:01:27
Various artistsPrognosis 10CD2010not rated1:04:59
Various artistsPrognosis 11CD2010not rated1:03:53
Various artistsPrognosis 12CD2010not rated56:18
Various artistsPrognosis 13CD2011not rated1:03:35
Various artistsPrognosis 14CD2011not rated1:15:01
Various artistsPrognosis 15CD2011not rated1:00:38
Various artistsPrognosis 16CD2011not rated1:05:49
Various artistsPrognosis 17CD2011not rated1:14:31
Various artistsPrognosis 18CD2011not rated1:05:20
Various artistsPrognosis 19CD2011not rated1:07:28
Various artistsPrognosis 2CD2009not rated1:08:54
Various artistsPrognosis 2.1CD2011not rated1:14:48
Various artistsPrognosis 2.2CD2011not rated1:06:35
Various artistsPrognosis 2.3CD2012not rated1:15:33
Various artistsPrognosis 20CD2011not rated1:15:28
Various artistsPrognosis 3CD2009not rated1:04:03
Various artistsPrognosis 4CD2009not rated1:09:00
Various artistsPrognosis 5CD2009not rated1:13:04
Various artistsPrognosis 6CD2010not rated1:08:09
Various artistsPrognosis 7CD2010not rated1:01:20
Various artistsPrognosis 8CD2010not rated1:11:31
Various artistsPrognosis 9: Future Times - The New Breed of ProgCD2010not rated1:05:48
Various artistsProgressive & Melodic Rock Vol. 1CD1993not rated1:05:32
Various artistsProgressive & Melodic Rock Vol. 2CD1994not rated1:13:43
Various artistsProgressive & Melodic Rock Vol. 3CD1994not rated1:13:01
Various PromoCD2007not rated1:17:57
Various artistsProgwereld Presenteert Prog NLCDR2011not rated1:00:14
Various artistsPsych CompsCDR1971not rated18:07:20
Various artistsPsych Out !CD1968not rated47:28
Various artistsPsychamaniaCD1973not rated1:08:57
Various artistsPsychedelic ArcheologyCDR1970not rated11:58:26
Various artistsPsychedelic Flower Power With Sunset LoveCDR1967not rated39:56
Various artistsPsychedelic Jumble Volume 1: What's The Rush, Time Machine Man?CD1969not rated49:14
Various artistsPsychedelic Pstones Volume 1: Hot Smoke & SassafrasCD1969not rated1:19:34
Various artistsPsychedelic Pstones Volume 2: HauntedCD1970not rated1:19:15
Various artistsPsychedelic Pstones Volume 3: House of Many WindowsCD1970not rated1:16:29
Various artistsPsychedelic Pstones Volume 4: Under The Silent TreeCD1973not rated1:17:35
Various artistsRachel Fuller Presents: In The AtticCD2009not rated1:31:32
Various artistsRevolver ReloadedCD2016not rated32:09
Various artistsRight To Chews: Bubblegum Classics RevisitedCDR2002not rated1:12:16
Various artistsRolling Stone - New Noises Vol.76CD2006not rated42:38
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 16 - Deep ThroatCD2000not rated44:31
Various artistsRolling Stone - Rare Trax Vol. 35 - The British Progressive Blues ExperimentCD2004not rated57:59
Various artistsRubbleCD1969not rated15:36:07
Various artistsRuby TraxCD1992not rated2:36:14
Various artistsSI Magazine Compilation DiscCD1991not rated1:12:40
Various artistsSensory LullabiesCDR2007not rated2:23:32
Various artistsSgt Pepper's Fantastic Cover BandsCD2017not rated31:04
Various artistsShadow FactoryCDR1988not rated49:24
Various artistsShadows Breaking Over Our Heads: A Tribute To The Left BankeCDR1999not rated1:11:06
Various artistsShake Some ActionCDR2004not rated1:19:00
Various artistsShapes & SoundsCD1971not rated2:35:12
Various artistsSoft Sounds For Gentle PeopleCDR1969not rated9:03:18
Various artistsSometimes God Hides: The Young Persons' Guide To DisciplineCD1996not rated1:18:58
Various artistsSometimes God Smiles: The Young Person's Guide To Discipline Volume IICD1998not rated1:12:24
Various artistsSometimes I WonderCDR1971not rated1:17:28
Various artistsSongs by Cardiacs and Affectionate FriendsCD2001not rated1:12:50
Various artistsSpirit Of Talk TalkCD2012not rated2:32:19
Various artistsStill CrazyCD1998not rated51:52
Various artistsStrawberry BubblegumCDR1972not rated1:14:00
Various artistsSubstitution Mass Confusion - A Tribute To The CarsCD2005not rated1:16:57
Various artistsSuccourCD1996not rated2:36:38
Various artistsSugarlumpsCD2005not rated48:00
Various artistsSurvival - The Music Of NatureCD1997not rated1:57:54
Various artistsTea & SymphonyCD1974not rated1:16:30
Various artistsTea & SymphonyCDR1974not rated1:14:25
Various artistsThe Art Of McCartneyCD2014not rated2:11:43
Various artistsThe Audio DirectoryCDR1990not rated2:35:04
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