Umphrey's McGee (58 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Umphrey's McGeeDaytrotter SessionCDR1/5/2012not rated17:26
Umphrey's McGeeDeath By StereoCD2011not rated41:38
Umphrey's McGeeIt's YouCD2018not rated45:26
Umphrey's McGeeThe London SessionCD2015not rated50:56
Umphrey's McGeeIt’s Not UsCD2018not rated52:56
Umphrey's McGeeSimilar Skin BonusCDR2014not rated53:48
Umphrey's McGeeMantisCD1/20/2009not rated54:07
Umphrey's McGeeSimilar SkinCD2014not rated54:23
Umphrey's McGeeSafety In NumbersCD2006not rated54:58
Umphrey's McGeeLocal Band Does OklahomaCDR2003not rated1:03:48
Umphrey's McGeeReal To ReelCDR2016not rated1:03:51
Umphrey's McGeeZonkeyCD2016not rated1:05:54
Umphrey's McGeeGreatest Hits Volume IIICDR1998not rated1:05:55
Umphrey's McGeeMore SkinCDR2014not rated1:07:41
Umphrey's McGeeOne Fat SuckaCDR2000not rated1:08:44
Umphrey's McGeeLocal Band Does O.K.CD2002not rated1:09:57
Umphrey's McGeeSongs For Older WomenCDR1999not rated1:12:10
Umphrey's McGeeCover It EP PlusCDR2011not rated1:15:35
Umphrey's McGeeDeath By Stereo demos and bonusCDR2011not rated1:17:42
Umphrey's McGeeNokia Theatre NYCCDR10/4/2009not rated1:18:27
Umphrey's McGeeLive OdditiesCD2010not rated1:19:23
Umphrey's McGeeBeSides (It's Not Us, It's You)CD2018not rated1:32:51
Umphrey's McGeeCover It 3CDR2010not rated1:44:24
Umphrey's McGeeMantis Launch Show, ChicagoCDR1/19/2009not rated1:48:08
Umphrey's McGeeLiveCDR2012not rated1:58:16
Umphrey's McGeeThe Bottom HalfCD2007not rated1:58:47
Umphrey's McGeeCover ItCDR2009not rated2:04:10
Umphrey's McGeeAnchor DropsCD2004not rated2:09:33
Umphrey's McGeeLive At The MuratCD2007not rated2:11:58
Umphrey's McGeeAcoustic Studio Broadcast, ChicagoCDR10/24/2011not rated2:16:26
Umphrey's McGeeJimmy Stewart – The Third AlbumCDR2007not rated2:27:28
Umphrey's McGeeState Theatre, Portland MECDR1/27/2017not rated2:28:26
Umphrey's McGeeJimmy Stewart – The Second AlbumCDR2006not rated2:34:42
Umphrey's McGeeUM Bowl VI Day 2CDR5/2/2015not rated2:35:07
Umphrey's McGeeLive From WaneeCDR4/12/2014not rated2:39:13
Umphrey's McGeeJimmy Stewart – The AlbumCDR2005not rated2:39:36
Umphrey's McGeeNorthern Lights, Clifton Park, NYCDR11/2/2011not rated2:39:56
Umphrey's McGeeLive At The Riviera, ChicagoCDR2/21/2014not rated2:43:42
Umphrey's McGeeAce Of Spades, SacramentoCDR3/13/2014not rated2:44:17
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2013CDR2013not rated2:59:05
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2012CDR2012not rated3:07:20
Umphrey's McGeeMantis PUSH ExtrasCDR2009not rated3:16:58
Umphrey's McGeeHauntlantaCD10/29/2011not rated3:18:50
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2011CDR2011not rated3:28:59
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2010CD2010not rated3:39:13
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2015CDR2015not rated3:40:56
Umphrey's McGeeUM Bowl VI Day 1CDR5/1/2015not rated3:52:44
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2017CD2017not rated4:06:24
Umphrey's McGeeAragon Ballroom ChicagoCDR12/31/2005not rated4:10:02
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2016CDR2016not rated4:14:59
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2014CDR2014not rated4:27:22
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame - Class Of 2018CDR2018not rated4:55:33
Umphrey's McGeeMantis BonusCDR2009not rated4:58:19
Umphrey's McGeeRaw Stewage 2015CDR2015not rated6:46:49
Umphrey's McGeeRaw Stewage 2014CDR2014not rated7:38:21
Umphrey's McGeeRaw Stewage 2012 (Unfiltered)CDR2012not rated7:42:05
Umphrey's McGeeRaw Stewage 2016CDR2016not rated8:04:03
Umphrey's McGeeRaw Stewage 2013CDR2013not rated8:21:03