Trashcan Sinatras (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Trash Can SinatrasA Happy PocketCD1996not rated53:23
The Trash Can SinatrasLive at Le Bataclan, ParisCDR1996not rated40:42
The Trash Can SinatrasWild PendulumCDR2016not rated39:03
Trashcan SinatrasBrelCD2010not rated1:12:03
Trashcan SinatrasCakeCD1990not rated40:03
Trashcan SinatrasDaytrotter SessionCD11/3/2011not rated17:53
Trashcan SinatrasDaytrotter SessionCDR5/18/2010not rated22:11
Trashcan SinatrasFezCD2005not rated1:19:24
Trashcan SinatrasI've Seen EverythingCD1993not rated44:33
Trashcan SinatrasIn The MusicCD2009not rated50:51
Trashcan SinatrasOn A B RoadCD2010not rated2:22:06
Trashcan SinatrasWeightliftingCD2004not rated44:24
Trashcan SinatrasZebra Of The FamilyCD2003not rated2:25:56