The Spacious Mind (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Spacious MindGreazy Green and Stoney Lonesomes Vol. 1CDR2014not rated45:27
The Spacious MindGentle Path HighwayCDR2007not rated55:39
The Spacious MindPickin' Berries 'N Playin' Blues. Trästock 23/07/05CD7/23/2005not rated59:53
The Spacious MindTonen - Rotvälta OuttakesCDR2005not rated46:09
The Spacious MindRotvältaCD2005not rated55:57
The Spacious MindTake That Weight Of Your Shoulders. Skellefteå 28-02-03CDR2/28/2003not rated1:06:04
The Spacious MindReality D BlipcrotchCDR2001not rated28:55
The Spacious MindLive Volume One - Do Your Thing But Don't Touch OursCDR10/26/1999not rated1:12:33
The Spacious MindThe Mind Of A BrotherCDR1999not rated1:14:26
The Spacious MindGarden Of A Well-Fed HeadCDR1997not rated45:38
The Spacious MindSailing The SeagoatCDR1996not rated46:06
The Spacious MindSleepy Eyes And ButterfliesCD1995not rated39:35
The Spacious MindOrganic Mind SolutionCDR1994not rated1:14:03
The Spacious MindCosmic Minds At PlayCDR1993not rated1:09:10