The Posies (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Posies99X FM, AtlantaCD5/5/1996not rated35:21
The PosiesAlive Before the IcebergCD1998not rated47:26
The PosiesAmazing DisgraceCD1996not rated53:35
The PosiesAt Least At LastCD2000not rated3:56:42
The PosiesBlood/CandyCD9/28/2010not rated42:34
The PosiesBlood/CandyCD2010not rated57:21
The PosiesDear 23CD1990not rated48:24
The PosiesDefinite DoorCD1994not rated15:01
The PosiesEvery Bitter Drop (Non-album Tracks)CD2000not rated1:21:21
The PosiesEvery Kind of LightCD2005not rated49:58
The PosiesFailureCD1988not rated1:07:47
The PosiesFrosting on the BeaterCD1993not rated48:44
The PosiesKEXP SessionCD5/5/2005not rated7:49
The PosiesKEXP SessionCD4/16/2010not rated12:26
The PosiesKEXP SessionCD7/24/2011not rated24:30
The PosiesLimitless ExpressionsCD2000not rated1:11:47
The PosiesNice Cheekbones and a Ph.D.CD2002not rated18:06
The PosiesOdd Live BitsCD2006not rated23:24
The PosiesReading FestivalCD8/25/1996not rated30:59
The PosiesSolid StatesCD2016not rated44:02
The PosiesSuccessCD1998not rated48:30