The Lilac Time (28 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Lilac TimeA Dream That We All ShareCD1999not rated
The Lilac TimeAll For Love & Love For AllCD1990not rated11:55
The Lilac TimeAmerican EyesCD1989not rated5:03
The Lilac TimeAmerican EyesCD1989not rated13:05
The Lilac TimeAnd Love For AllCD1990not rated43:01
The Lilac TimeAnd Love For AllCD1990not rated1:17:17
The Lilac TimeAstronauts+CD1991not rated1:17:58
The Lilac TimeBlack VelvetCD1988not rated12:47
The Lilac TimeBrighton BeachCDR6/10/1990not rated40:35
The Lilac TimeCompendium - The Fontana TrinityCD2001not rated2:32:12
The Lilac TimeDreamingCD1991not rated19:41
The Lilac TimeIn Iverna GardensCD1990not rated17:45
The Lilac TimeIt'll End In TearsCD1990not rated14:49
The Lilac TimeLilac 6CD2001not rated1:01:40
The Lilac TimeLooking For A Day In The NightCD1999not rated49:52
The Lilac TimeNo Sad SongsCD2015not rated40:08
The Lilac TimeParadise CircusCD1989not rated44:05
The Lilac TimeParadise CircusCD1989not rated1:19:43
The Lilac TimeReturn To UsCD2019not rated40:02
The Lilac TimeReturn To YesterdayCD1988not rated13:58
The Lilac TimeRunout GrooveCD2007not rated53:08
The Lilac TimeThe Days Of The WeekCD1989not rated11:08
The Lilac TimeThe Girl Who Waves At TrainsCD1989not rated13:00
The Lilac TimeThe LaundryCD1990not rated10:43
The Lilac TimeThe Lilac TimeCD1987not rated37:32
The Lilac TimeThe Lilac TimeCD1987not rated1:11:11
The Lilac TimeThis MorningCD2001not rated11:46
The Lilac TimeYou've Got To LoveCD1988not rated16:18