The Kinks (31 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The KinksA Soap OperaCD4/25/1975not rated52:57
The KinksAdditional Tracks 1965 - 1966CDR1966not rated55:09
The KinksArthur - Or The Decline And Fall Of The British EmpireCD1969not rated2:37:29
The KinksDid Ya EPCDR1991not rated18:27
The KinksEverybody's In Show-BizCD1972not rated2:13:41
The KinksFace To FaceCD1966not rated2:03:12
The KinksGive The People What They WantCD1981not rated41:11
The KinksKinda KinksCD1965not rated54:09
The KinksLive At Kelvin HallCD1967not rated1:08:25
The KinksLow BudgetCD1979not rated59:36
The KinksMisfitsCD5/17/1978not rated55:37
The KinksMuswell HillbilliesCD11/1971not rated1:36:34
The KinksOne For The RoadCD9/23/1979not rated1:17:40
The KinksPart One Lola Versus Powerman And The MoneygoroundCD1970not rated52:25
The KinksPercyCD1971not rated39:37
The KinksPhobiaCD1993not rated1:16:15
The KinksPreservation Act 1CD1973not rated47:05
The KinksPreservation Act 2CD1974not rated1:17:04
The KinksRarities 1969 - 1971CDR1971not rated1:19:48
The KinksSchoolboys in DisgraceCD11/17/1975not rated36:27
The KinksSleepwalkerCD1977not rated1:00:15
The KinksSomething ElseCD1967not rated3:10:43
The KinksState Of ConfusionCD1983not rated1:00:47
The KinksThe Kink KontroversyCD1965not rated1:14:08
The KinksThe KinksCD1964not rated1:54:47
The KinksThe Kinks At The BBCCD2012not rated6:01:47
The KinksThe RoadCD1988not rated51:35
The KinksThe Village Green Preservation SocietyCD1968not rated5:03:01
The KinksThink VisualCD1986not rated44:13
The KinksUK JiveCD1989not rated52:11
The KinksWord Of MouthCD1984not rated42:00