The Enid (36 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The EnidAerie Fairie NonsenseCD1977not rated1:13:23
The EnidAnarchy on 45CD1990not rated1:49:26
The EnidArise And ShineCD2009not rated1:12:36
The EnidBespoke Vol 1CD1986not rated1:16:32
The EnidBespoke Vol 2 (The Studio Tapes)CD1987not rated44:14
The EnidBespoke Vol 3 (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)CD1984not rated1:10:19
The EnidDustCD4/1/2016not rated42:35
The EnidFinal Noise!CD1988not rated1:11:54
The EnidFirst LightCD2014not rated58:49
The EnidIn The Region Of The Summer StarsCD1975not rated57:46
The EnidInvictaCD2012not rated52:24
The EnidJourney's EndCD2010not rated45:00
The EnidLive At King Geaorge's Hall, BlackburnCDR2010not rated1:17:26
The EnidLive At Loughborough Town HallCD1980not rated58:32
The EnidLive at Town Hall, BirminghamCD2010not rated1:49:55
The EnidLive at the CitadelCD2017not rated1:16:45
The EnidLive with CBSO And The Warwickshire County Youth ChoirsCD2011not rated1:52:45
The EnidResurgencyCD2017not rated58:37
The EnidRisen: Arise and Shine Volume 2CD2011not rated1:09:15
The EnidRobert John Godfrey 70th Birthday Concert Live At Union ChapelCD2017not rated1:52:15
The EnidSalomeCD1986not rated1:00:53
The EnidShiningCD2012not rated47:03
The EnidSix PiecesCD1978not rated55:58
The EnidSomething Wicked This Way ComesCD1984not rated1:39:28
The EnidSomething Wicked This Way ComesCD1983not rated56:20
The EnidSundialerCD1995not rated47:40
The EnidTears of the SunCD1999not rated1:13:03
The EnidThe BridgeCD2015not rated38:22
The EnidThe Bridge Show - Live at Union ChapelCD2015not rated1:55:30
The EnidThe Seed and the SowerCD1987not rated1:07:24
The EnidThe SpellCD1984not rated1:06:23
The EnidThe Story Of The EnidCD1984not rated2:05:55
The EnidTouch MeCD1979not rated53:16
The EnidTripping The Light FantasticCD1994not rated58:59
The EnidUCDR2019not rated41:29
The EnidWhite GoddessCD1997not rated53:05