The Damned (19 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Damned35th Anniversary Live In Concert London RoundhouseCDR11/12/2011not rated1:53:02
The Damned35th Anniversary Live In Concert Manchester AcademyCD11/19/2011not rated1:49:25
The DamnedAnythingCD1986not rated55:03
The DamnedEvil SpiritsCD2018not rated42:56
The DamnedFriday The 13thCDR1981not rated20:00
The DamnedGrave DisorderCD2001not rated57:40
The DamnedI'm Alright Jack And The BeanstalkCD1995not rated59:02
The DamnedMachine Gun EtiquetteCD1979not rated1:02:08
The DamnedMachine Gun Etiquette Anniversary Live SetCD2011not rated1:14:52
The DamnedMolten LagerCD1994not rated49:42
The DamnedMont-De-Marsan FestivalCD8/20/1976not rated32:54
The DamnedPhantasmagoriaCD1985not rated1:57:15
The DamnedPlay It At Your SisterCD1977not rated2:11:16
The DamnedRadio One SessionsCDR1985not rated53:19
The DamnedSessions Of The DamnedCDR1984not rated1:18:24
The DamnedSo,Who's Paranoid?CD2008not rated1:18:36
The DamnedStrawberriesCD1983not rated1:09:30
The DamnedThanks For The NightCDR1982not rated20:45
The DamnedThe Black AlbumCD1980not rated1:49:06