The Civil Wars (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Civil WarsThe Civil WarsCD2013not rated43:02
The Civil WarsBetween The BarsCDR2013not rated9:28
The Civil WarsBare BonesCDR2013not rated21:39
The Civil WarsA Place At The TableCDR2013not rated3:40
The Civil WarsUnplugged On VH1CDR2012not rated25:48
The Civil WarsLive At AmoebaCD2012not rated31:09
The Civil WarsLive At SundanceCD2012not rated16:38
The Civil WarsDaytrotter SessionCD8/9/2011not rated13:57
The Civil WarsTracks In The SnowCDR2011not rated7:29
The Civil WarsOdd BitsCD2011not rated32:30
The Civil WarsLive At SXSWCD2011not rated26:48
The Civil WarsLive At Eddie's AtticCD2011not rated37:39
The Civil WarsBarton HollowCD2011not rated40:07
The Civil WarsPoison And WineCDR2009not rated8:54