The Church (32 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The ChurchA Box Of BirdsCD1999not rated1:01:58
The ChurchAfter Everything Now ThisCD2002not rated56:24
The ChurchBack With Two Beasts (Jammed II)CD2005not rated1:05:36
The ChurchBastard UniverseCD1998not rated1:19:22
The ChurchBeside YourselfCD2004not rated54:48
The ChurchDeadman's HandCDR2010not rated21:57
The ChurchEl Momento DescuidadoCD2004not rated55:19
The ChurchEl Momento SiguienteCD2007not rated1:06:51
The ChurchForget YourselfCD2003not rated1:03:48
The ChurchFurther DeeperCD2015not rated1:06:32
The ChurchGold Afternoon FixCD1990not rated2:14:14
The ChurchHeydayCD1986not rated42:57
The ChurchHologram of BaalCD1998not rated50:43
The ChurchJammedCD2003not rated58:37
The ChurchMagician Among the SpiritsCD1996not rated1:06:55
The ChurchMan Woman Life Death InfinityCDR2017not rated44:01
The ChurchOf Skins And HeartCD1981not rated51:33
The ChurchPersiaCD1984not rated20:00
The ChurchPriest = AuraCD1992not rated1:05:02
The ChurchPsychedelic SymphonyCDR2014not rated1:58:35
The ChurchRemote LuxuryCD1984not rated21:56
The ChurchSeanceCD1983not rated48:00
The ChurchShriekCD2009not rated41:59
The ChurchSing SongsCD1982not rated16:19
The ChurchSinglesCD2009not rated7:42:48
The ChurchSometime AnywhereCD1994not rated1:16:55
The ChurchSomewhere ElseCD1994not rated29:58
The ChurchStarfishCD1988not rated46:04
The ChurchTemperature Drop In Downtown WinterlandCD1982not rated17:35
The ChurchThe Blurred CrusadeCD1982not rated45:23
The ChurchUninvited, Like The CloudsCD2005not rated59:52
The ChurchUntitled #23CD2009not rated50:34