The Beatles (59 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Beatles, TheShea!CD1965not rated57:24
The Beatles1+CD2015not rated1:19:14
The BeatlesA Hard Day's NightCD1964not rated30:13
The BeatlesA Hard Day's Night (mono)CD1964not rated30:59
The BeatlesAbbey RoadCD1969not rated2:13:29
The BeatlesAbbey RoadCD1969not rated47:31
The BeatlesAnthology 1CD1964not rated2:02:55
The BeatlesAnthology 2CD1968not rated2:07:54
The BeatlesAnthology 3CD1969not rated2:25:34
The BeatlesAnthology AgainCD1969not rated2:31:59
The BeatlesAnthology MoreCD1970not rated2:15:51
The BeatlesAnthology PlusCD1970not rated2:27:36
The BeatlesAt The Hollywood BowlCD1965not rated1:13:08
The BeatlesAustralia And JapanCD1966not rated55:17
The BeatlesBaby It's YouCD1995not rated9:29
The BeatlesBeatles For SaleCD1964not rated33:49
The BeatlesBeatles For Sale (mono)CD1964not rated35:07
The BeatlesBlackpool And ParisCD1965not rated56:58
The BeatlesChristmas Album 1963-1969CD1969not rated58:01
The BeatlesFree As A BirdCD1995not rated13:38
The BeatlesGet Back 2nd MixCD1/5/1970not rated1:13:28
The BeatlesHelp!CD1965not rated33:57
The BeatlesHelp! (mono)CD1965not rated1:09:12
The BeatlesLet It BeCD1970not rated35:12
The BeatlesLet It Be... NakedCD1969not rated57:02
The BeatlesLive At The BBCCD1965not rated2:16:12
The BeatlesLoveCD2006not rated1:18:51
The BeatlesMagical Mystery TourCD1967not rated36:34
The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour (mono)CD1967not rated37:05
The BeatlesMono MastersCD1970not rated1:39:01
The BeatlesNew York, Miami And PhiladelphiaCD1964not rated54:47
The BeatlesOn Air Live At The BBC Volume 2CD1965not rated2:10:26
The BeatlesPast MastersCD1970not rated1:33:27
The BeatlesPlease Please MeCD1963not rated32:33
The BeatlesPlease Please Me (mono)CD1963not rated33:17
The BeatlesReal LoveCD1996not rated12:11
The BeatlesRevolverCD1966not rated34:47
The BeatlesRevolver (mono)CD1966not rated35:31
The BeatlesRubber SoulCD1965not rated35:34
The BeatlesRubber Soul (mono)CD1965not rated36:34
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandCD1967not rated3:23:45
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandCD1967not rated39:57
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (mono)CD1967not rated39:48
The BeatlesThe Alternate Abbey RoadCD1969not rated1:13:08
The BeatlesThe Alternate RevolverCD1966not rated1:14:57
The BeatlesThe Alternate Rubber SoulCD1966not rated1:13:13
The BeatlesThe Alternate Sg. PepperCD1967not rated1:13:12
The BeatlesThe Alternate White AlbumCD1968not rated2:33:08
The BeatlesThe BeatlesCD1968not rated1:33:38
The BeatlesThe BeatlesCD1968not rated5:27:30
The BeatlesThe Beatles (mono)CD1968not rated1:32:53
The BeatlesThe Complete Rooftop ConcertCD1969not rated1:13:47
The BeatlesThe Lost Abbey Road TapesCD1964not rated29:59
The BeatlesThe Lost BBC Tapes And Much More...CD1964not rated52:24
The BeatlesThe Lost Decca Audition TapesCD1/1/1962not rated39:49
The BeatlesWith The BeatlesCD1963not rated33:08
The BeatlesWith The Beatles (mono)CD1963not rated33:53
The BeatlesYellow SubmarineCD1966not rated39:45
The BeatlesYellow Submarine SongtrackCD1967not rated45:38