Sylvian, David (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Sylvian, DavidA Victim of Stars 1982-2012CD2012not rated2:35:05
Sylvian, DavidAlchemyCD1985not rated45:04
Sylvian, DavidBrilliant TreesCD1984not rated39:29
Sylvian, DavidCollaborationsCDR2009not rated1:17:12
Sylvian, DavidDead Bees on A CakeCD1999not rated1:10:04
Sylvian, DavidEverything And NothingCD2000not rated2:19:39
Sylvian, DavidExtrasCDR1986not rated1:19:10
Sylvian, DavidGone To EarthCD1986not rated1:20:36
Sylvian, DavidI SurrenderCD1999not rated35:26
Sylvian, DavidLive In Theatre 1988CD1988not rated1:01:46
Sylvian, DavidSecrets Of The BeehiveCD1987not rated34:34
Sylvian, Davidb-sides and RaritiesCD1987not rated1:19:47