Sweet, Matthew with the Bangles (28 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Sweet, MatthewTomorrow's DaughterCD2018not rated39:41
Sweet, MatthewTomorrow ForeverCD2017not rated59:12
Sweet, MatthewSuperdeformed: The Altered Beast DemosCDR1992not rated1:17:23
Sweet, MatthewSuperDeformed: The Altered Beast Demos/ b sides and tributesCDR1993not rated1:17:32
Sweet, MatthewSunshine Lies, Modern Art, ContributionsCDR2011not rated1:03:39
Sweet, MatthewSunshine LiesCD2008not rated50:45
Sweet, MatthewSon of Altered BeastCDR1994not rated13:03
Sweet, MatthewSon Of Altered BeastCD1994not rated28:36
Sweet, MatthewPre-modernist Demos From The Archives / RaritiesCDR2011not rated1:11:10
Sweet, MatthewPre-Girlfriend DemosCDR1990not rated1:14:40
Sweet, MatthewModern ArtCD2011not rated42:06
Sweet, MatthewLiving ThingsCD2004not rated50:24
Sweet, MatthewLive, Acoustic Live, AcousticCDR2000not rated1:02:12
Sweet, MatthewLive BitsCDR2000not rated1:17:24
Sweet, MatthewKimi Ga Suki - RaifuCD2003not rated39:51
Sweet, MatthewInsideCD1986not rated41:49
Sweet, MatthewIn ReverseCD1999not rated55:30
Sweet, MatthewGirlfriend: the Superdeformed CDCD1992not rated16:21
Sweet, MatthewGirlfriend DemosCDR1991not rated2:22:34
Sweet, MatthewGirlfriendCD1991not rated1:00:32
Sweet, MatthewEarthCD1989not rated39:43
Sweet, MatthewBuzz Of Delight / Early Recordings / Earth DemosCDR1988not rated1:14:58
Sweet, MatthewBlue Sky On MarsCD1997not rated36:36
Sweet, MatthewB-sides, Soundtracks, Blue Skies On Mars DemosCDR1996not rated1:17:01
Sweet, MatthewB-sides, Soundtracks And TributesCDR1995not rated1:19:52
Sweet, MatthewAltered BeastCD1993not rated56:04
Sweet, Matthew100% Fun DemosCDR1994not rated1:17:27
Sweet, Matthew100% FunCD1995not rated41:13