Smith, Shawn (38 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Smith, ShawnAll The Heartache A Man Can Stand (You Take It All Away)CDR2014not rated5:38
Smith, ShawnBristol Folk HouseCDR4/25/2015not rated1:07:56
Smith, ShawnColumbia Records DemoCDR1990not rated16:35
Smith, ShawnFrom One End To The Other (In One Piece)CDR2013not rated25:31
Smith, ShawnGrass And Sky EPCDR2013not rated31:29
Smith, ShawnHome Demos I Found In A BoxCDR2001not rated56:15
Smith, ShawnIn The Dead Of NightCDR2016not rated2:58
Smith, ShawnKEXP SessionCD8/30/2001not rated8:26
Smith, ShawnKEXP SessionCD12/11/2003not rated11:18
Smith, ShawnKEXP SessionCD6/7/2008not rated14:18
Smith, ShawnKid BakersfieldCDR2013not rated53:57
Smith, ShawnLet It All BeginCD1999not rated39:36
Smith, ShawnLike A Bloody ValentineCDR2014not rated6:27
Smith, ShawnLive At The Point Conshohocken PACDR9/30/1999not rated55:26
Smith, ShawnLive In Olympia WACDR3/29/2014not rated38:15
Smith, ShawnLostCDR2014not rated4:25
Smith, ShawnOdd TracksCDR2014not rated14:13
Smith, ShawnOne Is For The MotherCDR2015not rated3:07
Smith, ShawnRequiem For A PrinceCDR2016not rated12:00
Smith, ShawnShe Is Heartbeat, She Is RainCDR2015not rated6:55
Smith, ShawnShield Of ThornsCD2003not rated39:42
Smith, ShawnSinglesCDR2015not rated1:17:21
Smith, ShawnSkeleton Keys 1CDR2001not rated1:06:39
Smith, ShawnSkeleton Keys 2CDR2004not rated1:01:40
Smith, ShawnSkeleton Keys 3CDR2003not rated59:12
Smith, ShawnSkeleton Keys 4CDR2004not rated1:06:00
Smith, ShawnSkeleton Keys 5CDR2007not rated1:05:39
Smith, ShawnSkeleton Keys 6CDR2003not rated1:03:35
Smith, ShawnSkeleton Keys 7CDR1993not rated1:06:16
Smith, ShawnSo The Heart Can SeeCDR2000not rated42:24
Smith, ShawnSomethin' 2 Cruise 2CDR2014not rated11:17
Smith, ShawnSunshineCD2011not rated40:45
Smith, ShawnThe Cedarwood EPCD2007not rated24:31
Smith, ShawnThe Diamond HandCD2008not rated36:27
Smith, ShawnThe Secret Life Of PeopleCDR2016not rated39:27
Smith, ShawnTurn Out The LightsCDR2017not rated9:04
Smith, ShawnWe All Need A HouseCDR2014not rated3:22
Smith, ShawnWhistling On The Way To HeavenCDR2017not rated4:35