Roland, Paul (33 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Roland, PaulWhite ZombieCD2016not rated42:02
Roland, PaulWaxworksCD1995not rated1:52:36
Roland, PaulUnreleased SongsCD2017not rated1:14:19
Roland, PaulThe Werewolf Of LondonCDR1980not rated18:29
Roland, PaulSummer Of Love EPCD2019not rated16:35
Roland, PaulStrychnineCD1992not rated59:33
Roland, PaulSarabandeCD1994not rated37:30
Roland, PaulSarabandeCD1994not rated45:00
Roland, PaulRoaring BoysCD1991not rated37:02
Roland, PaulRoaring BoysCD1991not rated50:46
Roland, PaulRe-AnimatorCD2007not rated46:25
Roland, PaulProfessor Moriaty's JukeboxCD2014not rated1:12:28
Roland, PaulPavaneCD2004not rated42:23
Roland, PaulNevermoreCD2008not rated49:25
Roland, PaulMasqueCD1990not rated1:01:01
Roland, PaulLive in GermanyCD1995not rated47:53
Roland, PaulIn The Opium Den - The Early Recordings 1980-1987CD1987not rated2:18:26
Roland, PaulHouse Of Dark ShadowsCD1989not rated1:16:16
Roland, PaulHexenCD2013not rated47:00
Roland, PaulGrimmer Than GrimmCD2018not rated45:46
Roland, PaulGrimmCD2011not rated58:23
Roland, PaulGaslight TalesCD2003not rated2:25:37
Roland, PaulGargoylesCD1997not rated45:56
Roland, PaulGandalf's Garden PartyCD1993not rated34:00
Roland, PaulDuelCD1998not rated1:09:38
Roland, PaulDemosCD2009not rated2:20:38
Roland, PaulDanse MacabreCDR1987not rated34:33
Roland, PaulBurnt OrchidsCDR1985not rated38:23
Roland, PaulBitter And TwistedCD2015not rated1:02:58
Roland, PaulBates Motel - ReduxCD2012not rated42:36
Roland, PaulBates MotelCD2012not rated46:18
Roland, PaulA Cabinet Of Curiosities / Happy FamiliesCD1988not rated1:16:20
Roland, Paul1313 Mocking Bird LaneCD2019not rated52:26