Queen (23 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
QueenA Day At The RacesCD11/10/1976not rated1:06:54
QueenA Kind Of MagicCD1986not rated2:00:12
QueenA Night At The OperaCD11/21/1975not rated1:02:17
QueenBBC In ConcertCD9/13/1973not rated38:19
QueenInnuendoCD2/4/1991not rated1:35:08
QueenJazzCD1978not rated1:01:59
QueenLive At The RainbowCD1974not rated2:24:10
QueenLive At WembleyCD1986not rated1:50:57
QueenLive KillersCD6/22/1979not rated1:30:02
QueenLive MagicCD1986not rated49:20
QueenMade In HeavenCD1995not rated1:10:27
QueenNews Of The WorldCD1977not rated1:48:32
QueenOn AirCD1977not rated1:41:14
QueenQueenCD7/13/1973not rated1:09:58
QueenQueen IICD3/8/1974not rated1:00:00
QueenQueen On Fire - Live At The BowlCD1982not rated1:42:08
QueenSheer Heart AttackCD11/8/1974not rated54:55
QueenThe GameCD1980not rated52:58
QueenThe MiracleCD1989not rated1:56:17
QueenThe WorksCD1984not rated1:26:20
QueenA Night At The OdeonCDR12/24/1975not rated1:13:24
QueenHot SpaceCDR1982not rated1:16:09
QueenRaritiesCDR1995not rated2:38:14