Prince (20 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
PrinceAround The World In A DayCDR1985not rated1:10:42
PrinceParade: Music from the Motion Picture "Under the Cherry Moon"CDR1986not rated57:21
PrinceSign 'O' The TimesCD1987not rated1:20:00
PrinceLovesexyCDR1988not rated1:02:52
PrinceThe Hits 1CD1993not rated1:15:47
PrinceThe Hits 2CD1993not rated1:14:39
PrinceChaos and DisorderCD1996not rated39:14
PrinceEmancipationCD1996not rated3:00:00
PrinceThe Vault... Old Friends 4 SaleCD1999not rated39:37
PrinceOne Nite AloneCD2002not rated34:56
PrinceOne Nite Alone... Live!CD2002not rated2:05:49
PrinceOne Nite Alone... the Aftershow: it Ain't Over!CD2002not rated55:42
PrinceN.E.W.S.CD2003not rated56:00
PrinceXpectationCD2003not rated40:57
PrincePlanet EarthCD2007not rated45:00
PrinceLotusflow3rCDR2009not rated46:58
Prince20TenCD7/10/2010not rated46:12
PrinceArt Official AgeCDR2014not rated53:26
Princeb-sidesCDR2014not rated5:00:32
PrinceHitnRun Phase TwoCDR2016not rated58:09