Pernice Brothers (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Pernice BrothersAustralia Tour EPCD2002not rated18:46
Pernice BrothersDiscover a Lovelier YouCD2005not rated40:04
Pernice BrothersGoodbye, KillerCD2010not rated32:09
Pernice BrothersLive A LittleCD2006not rated1:35:26
Pernice BrothersNobody's WatchingCD2005not rated42:09
Pernice BrothersOvercome by HappinessCD1998not rated39:05
Pernice BrothersSandwich Tour EPCDR2000not rated17:51
Pernice BrothersSingles and B-sidesCDR2001not rated1:01:04
Pernice BrothersThe World Won't EndCD2001not rated40:10
Pernice BrothersYours, Mine and OursCD2003not rated37:16