New Model Army (28 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
New Model ArmyWinterCD2016not rated58:10
New Model ArmyWe Love The WorldCD12/16/2003not rated1:15:44
New Model ArmyVengeanceCD1984not rated2:08:01
New Model ArmyToday Is A Good DayCD2009not rated52:57
New Model ArmyThunder And ConsolationCD1989not rated2:18:49
New Model ArmyThe Love Of Hopeless CausesCD1993not rated38:18
New Model ArmyThe Ghost Of CainCD1986not rated35:29
New Model ArmyStrange BrotherhoodCD1998not rated57:11
New Model ArmySinglesCDR2005not rated3:17:52
New Model ArmyRaw Melody MenCD1991not rated1:13:00
New Model ArmyNo Rest For The WickedCD1985not rated40:23
New Model ArmyNight Of A Thousand VoicesCD2018not rated3:42:45
New Model ArmyLost SongsCD2002not rated1:27:26
New Model ArmyInstrumental DemosCDR1987not rated57:04
New Model ArmyImpurityCD1990not rated49:13
New Model ArmyHighCD2007not rated49:21
New Model ArmyFuck Texas, Sing For UsCD2008not rated1:13:42
New Model ArmyFrom HereCD2019not rated59:17
New Model ArmyEightCD2000not rated46:38
New Model ArmyDemosCDR1994not rated1:19:10
New Model ArmyCarnivalCD2005not rated49:38
New Model ArmyBetween Wine And Blood LiveCD2015not rated2:34:50
New Model ArmyBetween Wine And BloodCD2014not rated1:20:54
New Model ArmyBetween Dog and WolfCD2013not rated1:03:42
New Model ArmyB-Sides And Abandoned TracksCD1994not rated1:12:48
New Model ArmyAll Of This The Live RaritiesCDR1999not rated1:01:56
New Model Army30th Anniversary ConcertsCDR12/2010not rated4:29:59
New Model Army...& Nobody ElseCD1999not rated1:51:12